I am really excited to share a amazing raw halloween recipe and some exotic fruit tips! Now go run to your nearest asian grocer and then regular grocer to make these amazingly awesome Halloween Treats!!!

Eyeball Fruit Salad

Eyeball Fruit Salad

1) Peel and pit as many lychees as you want. Pit carefully so the

fruit is intact and not all shredded. These are the eyeballs.

2) Take half as many green grapes as lychees and slice them in half

across the grapes. These make green eyes.

3) Count out as many nice blueberries as have lychees. These are the

pupils of the eyeballs.

4) Take a fine paring knife and prepare a little cored out area on the

centre of the sliced end each of the grape pieces. These need to be

sized to snugly hold a blueberry in the end. Watch your fingers.

5) Take each blueberry stuffed grape and jam it into the open end of

the lychee.

6) To finish things of nicely, puree enough raspberries, strawberries,

and other reddish fruits for a nice bloody sauce. Pour over the fruits

and serve.

Guaranteed to score points with the elementary school crowd on Oct 31!!

Hope you love this Recipe!!

A great Tip for Halloween and the rest of the year!

Treats by Definition are anything ( a event or item ) that is out of the ordinary and gives Great Pleausre. Its what we establish as “special Treats” and/or put ephasis on being special that becomes phycologically coveted and run to in hard times or in Celebration.

We all learn to a great degree through repition, what we make Habit with our repeated thoughts, words, and actions.

This is true with ourselves as well as with our Kids, what we Teach them with our words and actions carries over into their lifestyle habits. When we choose to establish Some simple healthful Fruits and Vegetable dishes that They love to be the best Treats of all, we all win. Fresh Ripe Raw Fruit and “Super Sweet Treats” Recipes (coming soon, ohh Teasers) can satisfy every palate, Providing a real treat one can eat again and again without belly ache!

The best of Treats should Effectivly “Treat” us how we Deserve to be “Treated”.

Creating Healthy Habits starts with the way we think about, talk about and share our experience with others.

Treat yourself and those you love in the best way you can this Season and throughout the rest of the year.

We all Deserve it! 🙂

Its amazing but when we truly treat ourselves how we deserve to be treated in thought word and deed our whole vibration rises in accordance with that action of our highest truth, that acknowledgment and knowing that we are worth it, that we are and can exemplify and be love.

Who doesn’t feel “treated” by a Meal of Mango’s, or delicious Persimmon?

What about a Durian or Jackfruit Treat, you can find these and other Exotics at most Asian Grocers!durian and jackfruitBanana “Ice cream” Anyone?

banana ice cream

Simply Blend or Use Frozen Banana’s with your chosen tool, Thats It!

Better than you could ever imagine, sweeter and creamier than one could guess. The Almighty Vitamix, a Champion Juicer with a blank plate, or a Yonana’s banana ice cream maker can help make this treat a staple.

I made Charlize Banana Icecream for breakfast, lunch dinner and the following breakfast the other day, she was in Banana Ice cream Heaven and thought she was eating treats all day!!!

Wishing you a fun n Sweet Halloween!!


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