Blessings All!!!

Wow I aint kidding, 4 Interviews of me in a row I am Frickin Flattered!

I am a Leo but really I didn’t Plan this!!!

This Interview is from the perspective of a skateboarder, just like me!!!

Thousand thanks to my new friend Fernando Elvira from Spain who blessed me with this opportunity to share the sweet side of life as a Raw Vegan Athlete on his Skateboarding, Art and Graffic Design Blog called Cocobula!!!!

 Also Check out his Main Art Blog Here!!

My Good Friend and amazing photographer Owen Woytowich snapped a few new pictures for this Interview and Fernando asked a really cool flow of questions from a different perspective than my other recent interviews. Fernando is a amazing graphic artist and has made many skateboard graphics for awesome companies such as Cliche, Zero, Sugar and More, Check out his Blog !

I Really Hope you really enjoy it a ton!! 🙂

Much Much

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