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Feel so blessed to share this short n sweet Interview on the TRA Dream with my Friend Arnold Kauffman from!!

While at the Woodstock Fruit Festival this Year (sign up now for the best price, sure to be most epic!!) Arnold Approached me for information on the Growing TRAdream Project to Share with him and his Youtube Following.

The TRAdream is a Continually Growing Co-Creative Effort to Bring about Fully Non-Profit, Donation Based Healing/Learning/Retreat Centers the World Over!!

To learn a ton more about the TRAdream peep this Video Blog and Post! 

If you wish to donate some time, Services, Information, Funds, Land or anything conceivable that can help in this growing effort, Become a Part of the dream by Writing The Lead Admin n Co-Creator of the TRA Dream Lori Morris at

 I am excited to say the dream is really growing n comeing closer to fruition every day thanks to So many Generous Donations, the Loving Service and Dedication of Lori and Other Awesome Volunteers.

 Half of all Donations made for my best selling ebook “101 Frickin' Rawsome Recipes" go into the TRAdream fund!

If you haven't checked this Frickin Rawsome Recipe eBook out, do so here πŸ™‚

Many Thanks to Arnold Kauffman for his interview n Sharing of his Dream as well. Arnold is as passionate as I am about Spreading the Message n Simplicity of True Health n healing through a raw food Lifestyle. I feel Blessed to come together with him in this Aim! Arnold Chiefly Shares this message through his unique and innovative Arnold’s Way Vegetarian Raw Food Café located in the Dresher Arcade at 319 W. Main St. in Lansdale. 

Hope you all enjoyed this Video n Post much!

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