A short while back I shared my dream… yes,

I have a Dream….

TRA Non Profit By Donation Healing Centers all around the world.

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Starting with a Non Profit TRA Charity to help bring in Donations of all sorts, Money, Land, Resources, service, trades, information etc, and then actually creating the first centre, Teaching/Demonstrating Loving service though helping people heal and reach their highest potential though Applying A Simple Holistic Raw Food Lifestyle.

My Dream is to have these centers flowing by Donation for the most part with some pay services, Classes and Retreats to Help keep them running.

When we all start to live in abundance, centred in the Knowledge that we have much more to share than we ever need to cling onto, we will all truly be wealthy healthy and happy as one family. 

I see this as one start to that…

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Wishing you much much