I feel so grateful that from a young age I really felt compelled to live share and grow through my passions, Skateboarding being Chief of all for the longest period of time. 

Skateboarding has been such a huge part of my life, a blessing in reality, bringing me together with so many amazing people and opportunities. I feel that Skateboarding is such a powerful outlet of creativity and strength, really giving one a chance to challenge themselves while connecting with a really supportive and unique community. 

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I feel Blissed to share and spread what I feel so Blessed By. 

Having skateboarded for over 25 years, amateur for well over a decade

working as a Skate instructor and Councilor I offer myself up For

🙂 Skateboarding Lessons By Donation 🙂

Holler at me anytime @ info@therawadvantage.com and lets get our skate on 🙂

Enjoy my Newest Skate Part, Edited from footage from 2009 – 2013 🙂 

Music by Prosad and MC Matre 


While your at it check out my Best of All Time Skate video from various parts between 2000 – 2009 🙂

Wishing you much

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