Today I wanted to share with you a tasty, no fat, delicious recipe from my TRA Retreat treats ebook (available in paperback, ebook or on the iphone app)  The version I’m making today varies just slighty because I’m using local ingredients, which you should always do – make use of what’s in season, what’s local – you should never be afraid of changing up a recipe a little bit to use what you have available to you 🙂

~ Peep the video and the recipe is below ~

Here’s what I did:

1. Remove the stems from the mushrooms, placed them cap side down and squeezed fresh lime juice all over them.  Then (optional) left them out in the sun to soften for about 4-5 hours or dehydrate for 1-3 hours.
** Check this post about getting enough Vitamin D as a vegan and how “Sunning” your mushrooms helps with this!
2. Chop up your tomatoes, onion and some pepper and add them to your blender and blend it up.

3. Add cliantro, dates and sun dried tomatoes and blend it up really well again.

4. Add a few more chunks of onion and the stems from the mushrooms.  Pulse them a couple of times to get a nice chunky sauce.

5. Spread the sauce on your mushroom caps and add your toppings.  I used some thinly sliced onions and pineapple.

6. Place back in the sun for 1-2 hours or in a dehydrator for 1-10 hours or till desired texture.

Note: When fully dehydrated it litterally tastes like a day old domino’s pizza, I am not kidding..

If you wish a more low fat Gourmete raw pizza crust do check out my Super Secret Patented raw pizza crust recipe here, declared by many the best raw pizza crust around!

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As always enjoy all with mucho