What I eat in a day, wow I can not believe this is the first official What I eat in a Day video I have done!!

Sure I have done other videos that show a day in the life also sharing what I ate in the day but not a focused video on the subject, I really hope you enjoy! 🙂

This first What I eat in a Day, as a Low Fat Raw Vegan of 12 years, takes place at my parents home in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada just before getting ready to head to Europe for all of the amazing Raw Food Festivals held this summer!!

Raw-Food-Festivals-2016Learn More about all the Raw Food Festivals of 2016 Here! 🙂

As a disclaimer I want to mention that this is what I eat in a day as a raw foodist of 12 years. Generally I eat 2 big meals a day, it wasn’t always this way in fact when I am coaching people on the raw lifestyle I often recommend starting with 3-5 meals a day to make it easier to get enough calories without over burdening the digestive system. Do note that I offer Personalized 1 on 1 consultations in a basic QnA style format by Donation as well as more in depth holistic lifestyle coaching packages for $250.00 Monthly or $600 for 3 months. If interested write my PA Sarah at info@therawadvantage.com for a conustation form and to set it up 🙂

Into the Food for the day, June 14th 2016!
To start my day I had about 2 cups of reverse osmosis water, my first choice would be quality spring water but for me reverse osmosis or distilled is another great choice. I drink when thirsty and eat when hungry, this seems overly simple but in reality most people do not differentiate between the two. Eating a high water content raw food diet decreases my water needs, that said a certain level of hydration is needed for optimal digestion and absorption.
My first food of the day was at 11:30am I had 1.5 lb of fresh Okanagan Bing Cherries, soo good. I followed those up with 2 Black Forest Jelly Rolls and 3 Black Forest Cinnamon Buns..

Black-forest-jelly-roll Yes all raw and all vegan…

Boy this raw food thing is hard!! ahah
As a aside, I do not generally eat fancy dehydrated sweet lunches like this, often its simply a banana smoothie, but this is what I had pre made for a party and it didn’t finish in time.. so I had a lot!
This Black Forest Rolls recipe is based off of my

Cinnamon-buns-best-raw-recipeBest Raw Cinnamon Buns Recipe Here.

*** The only differences are that I added in Carob Powder to the Plantain Mixture, about 3 tbsp or to taste, I reduced the water in the date Paste recipe and added 1 cup or cherries, and I didn’t add a “icing”! 🙂 ***

I ended up eating a bit more than I needed at this meal as it was very dense being over 2000 calories between the cherries and the rolls. That said it was a amazing treat of a meal and I don’t sweat little stuff like that as I know weight gain and loss is about what we do most of the time, not 1 meal.

A few hours later I went skateboarding for about 1.5 hours in the mid day heat and drank just shy of 2 liters of water.

When I got home I only had 10 minutes till I had to be at my sisters ready to go to the new X-Men Apocalypse movie so I decided to make a big smoothie for dinner. The smoothie had 15.5 bananas and 2 heaping tbsp of Barley Grass Juice Powder.

I drank it in the theater like a bad kid! hahah

Below I will show the breakdowns from my day using Cronometer.com, a great resource to get a general understanding of your needs, how many calories / nutrients are in certain foods and meals you love and more! I do not recommend obsessing over such data, feeling a need to meet certain values every meal or day, rather to use as a helpful tool.

what-i-eat-in-a-day-cronometer what-i-eat-in-a-day-foodsWhat-i-eat-in-a-day-macro-nutrientswhat-i-eat-in-a-day-nutrient-needs

I really hope you found this video helpful, in my 12 years as a raw vegan I have really come to know its more about the variety of foods  / nutrients over the terms of weeks months and years rather than micro managing every single meal / day. Our needs fluctuate as does everything else, I encourage you to enjoy what you enjoy in the moment and continue to refine your choices until they reflect your highest values and needs.
As mentioned I offer Consultation by Donation as well as coaching packages, if interested email my awesome PA Sarah at info@therawadvatange.com to request a consultation form and date / time to meet on skype 🙂
Wishing you much
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