Thou Shall Not Combine Melons!!
Many Food Combining Books from the past say that one should never combine melons with anything, that one should always eat melon alone. In this video Dr Sam PT and I go into this common “Rule” and share some tips and practicle experience from our combined 27+ years as raw food vegans and our 12 + combined years as raw food health coaches.
Enjoy the Video as well as the BONUS TIPs and Recipe 🙂

PS learn more about this and get a really delicious recipe, The “Orange Creamsicle” Here

I am so stoked to share that registration for my 2017 raw food and yoga surf adventure retreat is now open!

Raw-food-yoga-surf-adventure-2017Dr Sam and I are both holding our Retreats at the Farm of life, back to back in fact.

Learn more about my Raw Food and Yoga Surf Adventure Retreat March 4th – 11th 2017 Raw Food n yoga surf adventure retreat costa rica    IMG_2218Check out Dr Sam’s Rawhabilitation Retreat set on March 12th – 19th 2017

IMG_1954PS Learn how to make these Cinnamon Buns Here 🙂

I will be the head chef for Dr Sam’s retreat, if you sign up for both of our retreats you will receive a 300$ Discount off of your total price for both!!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at space is limited so best to reserve your spot 🙂

Wishing you Much
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