Raw vegan Icecream Float!

I use to love love love Icecream Floats, Specifically A&W Rootbeer Floats.. When I went raw vegan I thought I had to say goodbye! Well, [...]

“Mr Fruitastic” Live Parody Remix of Mr Boombastic by Shaggy

It's here - the long awaited, much anticipated full length video of the world premiere performance of "Mr. Fruitastic"!! You might have caught a snippet [...]

Emotional Eating, Binge Eating and Finding Peace and Ease

Really excited to share this huge huge topic today, one that everyone has had troubles with, everyone has experienced, Drumroll....  Emotional Eating, Binge Eating And Finding [...]

Best of Chris Kendall Skateboarding 2, RAW Footage :)

I feel so grateful that from a young age I really felt compelled to live share and grow through my passions, Skateboarding being Chief of [...]

Full Kendalini’s Kundalini Yoga Class with Tibetan Singing Bowls

I have a super special treat to share with you!  This video is a FULL Kendalini's Kundalini Yoga class that I did at the Farm [...]

My Top 4 Sources of Vitamin D As a Raw Vegan

Vitamin D! How to get Vitamin D as a Vegan, Should you be Concerned about Vitamin D, what are my favorite sources of Vitamin D [...]

Successful On A Fruit Based Diet (80-10-10)? Interview with Chris Kendall By Ka Sundance

Wonder how to be successful on a high fruit raw food diet? Check out this this interview Ka did with me for his site this [...]

World Vegan Day, Why I love Being Vegan

Wishing you a Very Very Happy World Vegan Day!!! Celebrating World Vegan Day in Sharing How to stay Motivated as a Vegan / Raw Vegan [...]

Farm of Life “Raw Food Ninja Master”

Blissings all!! :) Wow am I behind, whoa whoa whoa, still in Costa Rica!!! I will catch up, I promise!! :) If you havent seen [...]

Raw Surfing Safari part 1

This weeks video blog brings you to sunny San Clemente for a week long raw consult with some old friends (Jeremy Pettit, Mike Bishop, and [...]