Top 5 Best Papaya Recipes

I used to think papayas were just ok that is until I tried strawberry papaya from Hawaii!  So here I'm sharing my top 5 favorite [...]

Rainbow Island Group Cleanse Spring 2017!

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Barley Grass Juice Powder | The Best Green Powder?!

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The Vomit Fruit / Noni Challenge, Disgusting or Delicious?!

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Food Combining and Fat

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What I Eat in A Day, Low Fat Raw Vegan of 12 Years

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Detox, Juice Cleanse, What is the Best Cleanse?!

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Parasite Cleanses, Breath work and more on the BioCharisma Podcast!

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The Final Issue of Vibrance magazine!

If you havent heard of Dr. David Klein and Vibrance Magazine I am not sure where you have been hiding. Vibrance Magazine is the longest [...]