Top Three Airport Travel Tips for Healthy Eating

I just recently took to the air again heading from Costa Rica to Hawaii for the Woodstock Fruit Festival - Hawaii More on that Soon!! [...]

Ganesh is Fresh, Fruity Ganesh Tank Tops!

Ganesh is fresh indeed, he is the destroyer of obstacles and is simply badass. I am so so so excited!! For the last three years [...]

Have You Been Storing Your Pineapples Wrong!?

Come on a Ride with the Banana Commander as he shares the ultra secret, very little known Unicorn Technique so you have No More Rotten [...]

Chippendales Crash the Rawhabilitation Retreat!

The retreat I host as well as those I attend are usually some of the most somber, low key events you will ever find...........SAID NO [...]

A Day in the Life, Raw Vegan, Costa Rica Style!

Blessings!! Come on and join the Banana Commander and Miss Naturally Ashley for a day in the life in Costa Rica! Start out the day [...]

The Gummy Bear Fruit?!?!?!

Blessings!! On the Farm of Life we discover the amazing Gummy Bear Fruit, a favorite of the Toucan, with the help of our friend Rane [...]

Ouch My Back!!! The McGill Big Three

Got a Sore Back? As someone with a serious back injury I know how Physically and Emotionally trying that can be. Having seen tons of [...]

Woodstock Fruit Festival Talent Show 2014

Today I'm sharing highlights from the 2014 Woodstock Fruit Festival Talent Shows.  There are some amazing feats, songs, dances, comedy routines and so many other talents that shine during this [...]

Do You Even Lift Bro? Lifting With Doug & Crew

Blessings!! Check out this sweet little video of yours truly, along with Doug and the crew, doing some SERIOUS lifting!!!  I really truly try to [...]

Strong Man Workout, Fingles Fingers with Dr Doug Graham

While at the First Annual UK Fruit Festival Dr Douglas Graham shows Grant Campbell and I the Strong Man Workout called Fingles Fingers! Try at [...]