Slovenia Fruits & Health Festival 2014, Yoga Teacher / Speaker!

I am so so excited to be going to Slovenia Fruits & Health Festival this July 31st - August 3rd 2014 ! I feel blessed [...]

Interview with Raini Pachanko

I've got another little treat for you today.  This short video was done at the Woodstock Fruit Festival this past year.  I met Raini while [...]

Chris Kendall on CTV News Live, Plus Behind the Scenes Fun

On Thursday January 2nd, I had a Blast being on the CTV News Morning Show Live sharing my journey and some simple raw recipes with Heather @HeatherMarcoux [...]

Tino Bananiac Interviews Chris Kendall On His Transition to a Raw Food Diet

This Year at the Woodstock FruitFestival, Sign up for 2014 Here BTW, I had the pleasure of flowing with Tino Bananiac (check out n Subscribe [...]

Chris Kendall on The Vegan Truth Live on

I am really excited to Have been on - The Vegan Truth - With Gabe Smith and MC Frutose on Friday Oct 18th @ [...]

Teresa Palmer Interviews Chris Kendall on

So so excited to share a In depth Interview actress Teresa Palmer did with me for her awesome Blog! I Hope you Love love [...]

My Interview on

I want to share an interview I did for  Freedom Lies Within got started as a blog with a natural health/empowerment focus.  Eventually, it [...]

My Interview on with Luis Souza

I'm super stoked that I had the opportunity to share, flow and grow with  Luis Souza in an interview for his site Raw Vegan Power!  [...]

Chris Kendall interview on Fasting by Anastasia Garkusha

Blessings All!! So so stoked to share this fun little interview my good friend Anastasia Garkusha did with me n my 13 day fast at The Farm [...]

Banana Commander interviewed for Fruit-Powered Digest

Blessings! I had the awesome pleasure and honor of being interviewed by Brian Rossiter for the February 1st issue of Fruit-Powered Digest.  Fruit-Powered Digest is [...]