Cleanse Your Chakras with Raw Food

We are having such an amazing time during my Raw Food and Yoga Retreat down here in Costa Rica!  Amazing food, great people, beautiful views [...]

A Day in the Life, Raw Vegan, Costa Rica Style!

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The Must Attend 2015 Raw Food Retreats and Festivals!

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Woodstock Fruit Festival Talent Show 2014

Today I'm sharing highlights from the 2014 Woodstock Fruit Festival Talent Shows.  There are some amazing feats, songs, dances, comedy routines and so many other talents that shine during this [...]

A Woodstock Fruit Festival Wedding – Raini & Anna!

  Beyond blessed to be a Part of the first Ever Woodstock Wedding, to witness the joining of Raini and Anna in holy matrimony! Such [...]

Woodstock Fruit Festival Day 7, Last Day Of Week One!!

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Woodstock Fruit Festival – Day 5 & Day 6

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Woodstock Fruit Festival- Day 3 & Day 4

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Woodstock Fruit Festival Days 1 & 2, plus my Birthday!

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UK Fruit Festival Part 1

Blessings!! Enjoy UK's First Fruit Festival via Banana Commander Vision!! This Festival took place June 25th - 29th at Duval Priory near Devon, England. So [...]