Strong Man Workout, Fingles Fingers with Dr Doug Graham

While at the First Annual UK Fruit Festival Dr Douglas Graham shows Grant Campbell and I the Strong Man Workout called Fingles Fingers! Try at [...]

Kendalini’s Quickie Yoga at The Raw Living Expo 2014

Enjoy this Kendalini's Quickie Yoga Class from the Raw Living Expo in Los Angles 2014. Kendalini Yoga is Chris Kendall's Style of Yoga based off [...]

Dr Douglas Graham Interview on Raw Divides and Woodstock Fruit Festival

I'm so excited to share this awesome little interview with Dr Douglas Graham.  We chatted about his thoughts on the high fat/low fat divide among [...]

John Kohler on Whole Foods and The Woodstock Fruit Festival!

While at the Raw Living Expo I caught up with John Kohler and we discussed the role Whole Foods play in a healthy Raw Food [...]

Barcelona Fruitluck, Best Fruit Market n Hostel Plus Skateboarding Action!

Blessings!! I'm stoked to share my times in Barcelona with you, I love love love it there! Amazing Beaches, great markets, awesome Hostels.  The fruit prices [...]

“Woodstock” Parody Song of “Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter

Blessings! With the Woodstock Fruit Festival right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share this little parody with you! Enjoy the [...]

Best Fruit Markets and Raw Food Meetups in Paris France!

Blessings! I had such a blast in Paris with Benjamin Chicard and so many other awesome People. Blessed by the time shared, friendships made and [...]

Europe Fruit Festivals, Fruitlucks and Banana Commander Adventure’s

Blessings! I'm super Excited to Share my Europe Tour Schedule with you all, spreading the sweetness at 3 Raw food Festivals and a Ton of Fruitlucks, [...]

4th Annual WFF and NYC Frickin Fruitluck Hype!

Blessings Everyone!! Right off the Bat, Danng sign up for the 2014 Woodstock Fruit Festival Aug 17 - 31st!! Come for 1 week or come [...]

Tim Van Orden 4 Time US Runner of the Year.. Raw Vegan!

Tim Van Orden is a Inspirational fellow to say the least, turning depression and lethargy around at an age when most would be slowing down.  He [...]