Barcelona Fruitluck, Best Fruit Market n Hostel Plus Skateboarding Action!

Blessings!! I'm stoked to share my times in Barcelona with you, I love love love it there! Amazing Beaches, great markets, awesome Hostels.  The fruit prices [...]

Best Fruit Markets and Raw Food Meetups in Paris France!

Blessings! I had such a blast in Paris with Benjamin Chicard and so many other awesome People. Blessed by the time shared, friendships made and [...]

Best of Chris Kendall Skateboarding 2, RAW Footage :)

I feel so grateful that from a young age I really felt compelled to live share and grow through my passions, Skateboarding being Chief of [...]

KendallBites – Tattoo’s, Mangos and Kelp Noodles!

Just a quick little post and video I want to share with you today...a little preview into my Saturday :) I went to try and [...]

YWS NTB Skate Tour – Full Video as seen by the Banana Commander…

Blessings All! I'm super stoked to share this video with you, after 2 computer crashes midway through editing its Finally here!   Showcasing a Full [...]

Thanks Giving/Living at The Instant Zen Pipe and My Food Demo!

HAPPY THANKS GIVING  or rather HAPPY THANKS LIVING! I spent Thanksgiving with a rockin' skateboard session at the pipe I skated for my birthday.  Then [...]

NTB and YWS Skate Tour Trailer and My Part in United Riders “Unite the Streetz”

I recently went on a 10 day Sk8 trip with Nine Times Skateboard Team and You Will Soon's Crew, 28 of us at one point, [...]

Kendall Bites, Skateboarding Roadtrip to Lloydminister!

Blessings All!! :) Oh my another quick day in the Life, this time with a Skateboarding Roadtrip with some good freinds!! Join Brent, Telly, Derek [...]

Kendall Bites, Skateboarding in Costa Rica n Travel Tips!

Blessings All!! :) Got a really Fun n sweet Kendall Bite for you today!!! Oh Oh my, While I just just got back home to [...]

Photo Thug Brings you “The Chris Kendall Experience”

Blessings All!!! Excited to Share This fun, Candid and Revealing Interview I did with my Friend David Bloom of . Together we delve into My Past Present [...]