DC Commercials Behind the Scenes!

Ive been holding on to this for a little bit, DC Commercials behind the Scenes! Thanks Steve, sooo stoked on this vid!! :) As the [...]

Final days at the Berrics!

Happy day all!!! Final days at least in 2010! A visa n time will tell when im back with Steve n the Berrics bredren! enjoy! [...]

Armageddon at The Berrics!

Holly hanna is this a intense one! You will see why if you make it right to the end :) Enjoy! WIthin this Video I [...]

Justin Bieber in the House!

Happy day all! Well really i must say I started this video with doubts but now that it's all finished its one of my favorites! [...]

Back to the Berrics, Again!!!

Happy day all!!! Better late than never, again!!!! hmm i smell a theme here:) aha Been really exciting times, lots going on, stay tuned!! I [...]

Raw Surfing Safari part 2!

Enjoy my Raw Surfing Safari Part two as I share my passion for the Raw food Diet and Holistic Health Creation as a Live In [...]

Raw Surfing Safari part 1

This weeks video blog brings you to sunny San Clemente for a week long raw consult with some old friends (Jeremy Pettit, Mike Bishop, and [...]

Getting Serious at the Berrics!

Happy day everyone!!! Long overdue i bring you another video!! oh my, I will catch up!! Enjoy it much! Here we have a grand few [...]

R Rated at the Berrics

Happy day all! Another great week with my live in with Steve Berra! # 24 is chalk full of silliness, R rated antics, free simple [...]

Back at the Berrics!

Happy day! Here we have the first week back at the berrics! Chalk full of sk8ing, great eats n a sweet cob salad recipie for [...]