Employee appreciation week n other Tid Bit’s :)

I have had such a blast at the Berrics helping Steve Berra s his Raw Food Lifestyle coach, recently The Berrics put up a new [...]

Live in with Steve Berra Week 4!!

Happy day! Time is a flying! Thanks for patience with these posts, been a busy bee the last while and just finished this sweet blog! [...]

Live in with Steve Berra Week 2!

Been a fast few weeks, got lill backed up here busy with the consult n had to put the videos on the backburner! All in [...]

Live in consult with Steve Berra

Join me on my live in consult with pro skateboarder Steve Berra aiming to help him with his holistic raw vegan lifestyle! Check the video [...]

Last days with the Wells

Good day and welcome to video blog 14!!! This video blog shows some of the last week with my good freinds the Wells! I hope [...]


Happy day everyone! With my latest interveiw has come much more computer time answering questions, doing ichatt and skype consultations, its been so great to [...]

The Berrics is in!!

Happy day everyone! I feel most blessed to say the berrics interview has been posted on the berrics site, You can check it out on [...]

The Berrics, moving days and White Sapote!

Happy day all! This weeks videoblog is jam packed with behind the scenes footage of a recent interview I did for huge skateboarding website (The [...]

Best of Chris Kendall Skateboarding

Skateboarding has been my biggest and longest running passion, at age 5 its all I wanted to do, at age 13 I couldnt imagine anything [...]

Chris Kendall Interview on SBC Skateboard Mag and Spicy Mayo

I feel truly blessed and thankful to have been asked to do these two interviews. this one came in a simpler form in sbc skateboarding [...]