Support The Raw Advantage Dream with Amazon Smile

I love shopping locally and supporting local merchants but sadly I'm not able to get EVERYTHING I want locally, so often that means turning to [...]

TRA Dream – Be a CoCreator

It's so amazing to watch the universe at work :) As I've been sharing with you, I have a heart-felt dream that I am working [...]

The Raw Advantage Dream

Blessings! A short while back I shared my dream... yes, I have a Dream.... TRA Non Profit By Donation Healing Centers all around the world. To Donate [...]

Arnold Kauffman interviews me on the TRAdream

Blessings All!! :) Feel so blessed to share this short n sweet Interview on the TRA Dream with my Friend Arnold Kauffman from!! While [...]

I have a Dream.. TRA Non Profit By Donation Healing Centers

Blissings All!!! Wow wow this is huge, My 100th Video Blog!!!! I gotta say I am so so excited to share todays blog, its been [...]