Day in the Life 15 Years Raw Vegan 5 months after Major Motorcycle Accident

Enjoy this Day in the Life sharing my rehab and tons of tips and tricks for thriving as a long term raw vegan. As you [...]

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Back pain especially lower back pain is a literal pain in the back side... Seriously though its something that 80% of people are estimated to [...]

Yoga for Dental Hygiene / Oral Hygiene

Merging the power of yoga with dental hygiene for the ultimate tooth brushing exercise! It can be very powerful to bring two habits together as [...]

Sciatica / Lower Back Pain Cure, McGill Big Three Level 2

Lower back pain and Sciatica are a huge issue for countless people and is something I have had first hand experience with for years after [...]

Sun Gazing aka Surya Yoga or Sun Yoga; Sharing a Ancient Practice

I am so excited to share the ancient practice of Sun Gazing / Sungazing aka Surya Yoga or Sun Yoga with you today! My Brother [...]

Bouncing Off the Walls at Apex Trampoline Park

If you know anything about me, you know I am all about fun and fitness is certainly no exception to the rule!  If keeping fit [...]

Cleanse Your Chakras with Raw Food

We are having such an amazing time during my Raw Food and Yoga Retreat down here in Costa Rica!  Amazing food, great people, beautiful views [...]

The Hardest Push Up? The Samson Push-Up!!

A few years ago I took part in a Push-up challenge (the hardest push-up in the world) with Dr Douglas Graham for his FoodnSport channel, [...]

Ouch My Back!!! The McGill Big Three

Got a Sore Back? As someone with a serious back injury I know how Physically and Emotionally trying that can be. Having seen tons of [...]

How to Achieve Peak Fitness with Raw Foods

Excited to share this fun Interview dubbed "Chris Kendall Exclusive: How to Achieve PEAK FITNESS with Raw Foods" I did with my Friend Jon Kozak [...]