Full Kendalini’s Kundalini Yoga Class with Tibetan Singing Bowls

I have a super special treat to share with you!  This video is a FULL Kendalini's Kundalini Yoga class that I did at the Farm [...]

TRA Ghetto Free Weight Basement Workout!

Comin' at you with my Favorite Ghetto Basement Free Weight Workout I enjoyed while at my parents house in Saskatoon. Sharing loads of tips and tricks [...]

Mega Legs/Ab Blaster Workout n Sweet Candy Cane Drink Recipe!

I want to share with you a quick little workout that's sure to get your heart rate up and your metabolism going.  When you're eating [...]

Thanks Giving/Living at The Instant Zen Pipe and My Food Demo!

HAPPY THANKS GIVING  or rather HAPPY THANKS LIVING! I spent Thanksgiving with a rockin' skateboard session at the pipe I skated for my birthday.  Then [...]

Banana Commander Goes to Dr Douglas Grahams “Yoga Health and Fitness Week”

Nearly a year ago I went to Dr Douglas Grahams "Yoga Health and Fitness Week" in Sedro Woolley Washington!! I had such a amazing time, meeting [...]

Canada Day Frickin Fruitluck at Om Canada!

Just A quick Video Post on Canada Day! Excited to have enjoyed it with such awesome peeps, n now off to enjoy the rest with [...]

Dancing With Fruit, Getting Epic!

Blessings all!! :) This has been on my mind for a awhile, when I got a comment on my last video asking for less talking [...]

Day in the Life of the Banana Commander!

Blessings all!!! Flowing as current as can be with this video from past Saturday June 2nd! Enjoy a "Day in the Life of The Banana [...]

“5 Second Abs” or “Fat to Fit in 5 Seconds” You Decide!

Wow what a title and you get to decide what I should have used for the title, should have oh my as its already done!!!! [...]

Now Offering Yoga Classes!

So excited to offer Yoga Classes :) Here, There, Anywhere, By Donation Always! For years I have wanted to take teacher training to offer myself [...]