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“Chris is fabulous coordinator of events with such enthusiasm and candor, makes any event filled with excitement and fun. An excellent raw chef and speaker, is a smart addition to any presentation on health, and fitness.”

  • Drew McCall Burke at Sexy Raw Food and Fitness


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Speaking and Presenting on any number of subjects including:

Raw food 101, raw food in the real world

Raw food binge eating and emotions, allowing ourselves to truly feel

Creating a holistically healthy lifestyle; we are only as strong as our weakest link

Applying the raw food diet, common pitfalls and setbacks

The raw food diet, pregnancy and kids

Raw food in the winter, how to stay happy and warm

Unconditional Space, creating ease and poise in our lives

How to thrive as a raw food vegan, as a top level athlete or computer hackie

Beyond Salad; its all about the sauce

Shopping storing and ripening loads of raw food, how to get the best deals

My personal story and vision for the future

Raw food inspired songs and humor, Mr Fruitastic

Raw food chef skills and secret kitchen techniques

80/10/10  cravings busters gourmet workshops / demos and catering


All of this and much more, I am always excited to extend my horizons, feel free to suggest different subjects and cuisines to talk on or work with for a food demo, lecture or catered dinner!

I feel blessed to grow as a speaker traveling the world sharing the principals of holistic health natural hygiene and raw food nutrition. Serving as head chef for multiple international raw food festivals files my need to share amazing food and vibes. I have been a go to raw chef to create meal plans and feasts for 30 – 650+ people per day as well as have held many private raw food education / food demos and catered dinners. Food demos are one of my favorite ways to spread tasty food and key information. I have been trained by Dr Douglas Graham in “Presenting Excellence” a Speaker and as a certified 80/10/10 Chef in his “Culinary Skills Week”.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, 100% Raw and Transitional Lifestyle Coach and Yoga teacher I offer Myself in Loving Service.  

When you feel filled with light you want to shine and be that lighthouse or beacon. Spreading the love I have grown and thrived as a 100% raw food vegan since 2004, coached and been a international speaker since 2009. In 2012 The Best of Raw Awards awarded me 3rd place in Best Raw Gourmet Chef, in 2013 I was awarded Funniest Raw Male, Best Raw Song as well as Best Raw Retreat.

I am most happy to offer presentations, workshops and group Consultations on various subjects for both small and large groups By Donation.

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