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Completely Rawvolutionise your Life with the Hands On Guidance of a Experienced 100% Raw Lifestyle Coach Better Allowing the Love and Light that is your True Self to Come Shining Though!

My name is Chris Kendall, I am most excited to offer up my services as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & 100% Raw Lifestyle Coach announcing Full Time Live In Consulting! It’s my wish to dedicate my entire being to help you effortlessly and joyously leap toward the Optimal Health, Fitness, and Calm Serenity in life that is truly your Birthright!

Raw Food Lifestyle Coaching

True wealth is found in optimal health, without your health the colors and joys of the world seem faded. Learning to enjoy a optimal diet of whole fresh ripe raw organic fruits and vegetables while implementing physical fitness and other key lifestyle factors is the surest way to enviable vitality, inspiring longevity, and boisterous well being.

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Common Issues Covered and Overcome Include:

  • How to enjoy as much food as you desire, while easily maintaining your most vibrant and healthful lean body weight
  • Learning quick, easy, and delicious recipes that you will enjoy making for yourself and others
  • Dealing with emotional issues without numbing yourself with  heavy food, and/or alcohol and drugs
  • How to consistently pick the best produce following the season while getting great deals when grocery shopping
  • The how and why of cravings and easily making them a thing of the past
  • Feeding a family with healthy food that they will love eating and ask for again and again
  • Making lifelong habits that provide the easiest and best way to improve your health, immunity, love of self and others
  • Comprehensive assessment of your specific needs and health history – emotional and physical
  • Becoming a happier more joyously positive person
  • Saying farewell to colds and flu’s, increasing productivity and clarity of thought
  • How to enjoy and not just survive your raw, vegetarian or vegan diet
  • Increasing your fitness and energy levels beyond your highest expectations, so you can keep going and going…
  • Saving time on preparation of elaborate meal-plans, not to mention doing less dishes that are easier to clean
  • Learn to feel at joyful ease with your lifestyle in social circumstances
  • Creating a home environment and setting up a raw kitchen that is supportive of your improved lifestyle
  • You are currently dissatisfied in your current job/situation/relationship, and want to make positive changes to  enable you to fulfil your goals
  • Being more in tune with the “Present” bringing increased mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness

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It is quite simply a joy to provide the personalized caring support, enthusiasm, tools, and guidance to help implement healthful habits while effortlessly going and staying raw!

I am most happy to offer information / fresh organic produce / service trades (martial arts, tai chi, healing modalities, acting, arts, music, practical skills etc.) of all kinds as a part of the donation.

Email My Awesome PA Sarah at or simply click the “Contact Me” button if you have any further questions, request a “Live In” Consultation Form or to set up a free 10-15 minute call to help decide if this type of coaching is right for you

Hope to enjoy with you soon

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*** Due to Legal Issues I am Unable to do Live In Consultations In the USA at this time.

**** Live In Consultations are Limited to Time availability, If we cannot Fit a perfet time in I would as you consider starting with a One on One Consultation


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