With a home practice since 1998, learning from and living with top notch yoga teachers, personally training in many different styles, I proudly offer myself up as a

🙂 Yoga Teacher by Donation 🙂

 Here, there, anywhere, even on Skype or Ichat (As here at A raw Retreat in Spain below)

One on One or in a Group Format as Shown Above!

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I happily offer all classes from 45 minutes to 90+ minutes to suit your time preference and needs.

I offer 3 different classes to best suit the moment


Kendalini yoga blends the Powerful Expanding movements and Breath Work of Kundalini yoga (considered the King of all yogas, focused entirely on raising ones Kundalini Energy upward along the Chakra's for Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment) with the Tibetan Rights, Power yoga and Good old Tomfoolery fun n Sillyness. A continuously evolving expanding and enlightening flow offering the true bliss of the present moment. Seeing the Sacred in everything Kendalini promises Chi expansion every time.

(Beginner – Guru)


This style of yoga is is essentially yoga with brawn, this process produces intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs, think Athletes Yoga Plus!
Flowing from pose to pose with the breath bringing in elements of calisthenics n Kendalini fun, expect to sweat and get a great workout! By the end of the session you will feel more like you have completed a traditional weight training or a callisthenic workout than you would with any other type of yoga.

(Beginner Power – Advanced Ultra Power)


Kundalini is considered the king of all yoga's, the focus is on awakening the "kundalini" energy at thebase of the spine and drawing it upward for the purpose of enlightenment. It has a more spiritual feel focusing on the Chakra's Energy Balance and the conscious awareness of your Energetic/Auric Body. Expect lots of core work on your abs and around the spine with Kundalini yoga — and perhaps even more sitting than usual.

Offering Both Serious and Silly Kendalini/Kundalini..

(Beginner – Enlightened) 

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Enjoy A Full Kudalini Yoga Class


With Tibetan Singing Bowls played by Brian Calvi of 🙂

  Ohh Enjoy A full Kendalini Yoga Class from

The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012

Hope to see u there this Year for all three types of Classes!

Enjoy some Fun Pics from a Few Different Teaching Experiences!


Full On Kendalini Yoga, 5 classes At The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2011, 2012 and for this coming year 2013!!

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Lions Pose at The Woodstock Fruit Festival

Teaching at Dr Douglas Grahams Fasting Retreat in Costa Rica!

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