This is a quick and simple Post today, No Video Now,maybe later, Oh oh my!!!

I am really excited to be a part of the 811rv 30 day Challenge (sign Up Now!) my Good Friend  Chef Alicia Ojeda of EZ Raw Food 101 and Astrum Lux Lucis of Balanced Body Coaching are putting on over at Seriously Check it out, tons of info n live conference calls with amazing Individuals such as Dr Doug Graham, Harley, Freelee and Myself oh my!

They have a sweet website with a fun 30 day challenge program where you are given a general guideline to follow for the 30 days with the emphasis on staying 811, (high carb low fat vegan) optimally 100% raw but with some simple cooked food options and guidelines. Throughout the month you are given unlimited support from Coach Astrum, Great 811 rv recipes from Chef Alicia, top notch information, inspiration, guidance and amazing calls from some of top “gurus” in the Raw food movement. These Calls include key information, experiences as well as a chance to ask anything you want in a live Q and A session with guest speakers Dr. GrahamFreeleeHarley “Durianrider”,Josh Fossgreen, myself Chris Kendall, and more!

My talk and Q n A session will be this coming Tomorrow, Thursday March 15th, 8:30-9:30 PM central time US (6:30-7:30 PM Pacific)

Right now they are part way through their March Challenge, sign up now to get access to the remaining calls as well as be carried over to Next month where I will also be a guest speaker again! 🙂

Check the links above for more info or to sign up quickly and simply email Astrum at

Hope to Hear you there 🙂 There!!

Oh My Onward to the Best Of Raw 2011 Awards!!

For the 3rd straight year there has been a amazing Best of Raw Foods awards Poll, Ceremony and Celebration put together by a amazing group of Raw Chefs, Visionaries and Raw Educational Speakers. The focus of the Awards bing the acknowledgement of those making waves within the movement but even more so to spread the seeds of health and vitality  that goes along with a healthful holistic raw lifestyle far and wide!!

Last year I was blessed to be nominated in a few categories, this year I actually Made it to the Finals in one!!

I feel very blessed to share that I received 3rd place overall in the

“Raw Gourmet Chef” Category!!

Thanks so so so much to everyone who voted, nominated me and made this possible!! I know through this exposure I will be able to reach many more people with the simple message of health through a Holistic 811 rv lifestyle 🙂

Its funny as I really think my stregth lies in Simple Raw gourmet as showcased in my “101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes” available as a ebook by donation or as a paper copy for 12.50 shipping included!

Packed in with great company My good Friend and Mentor Dr Douglas Graham Made it in the Top 4 in Multiple Categories as did my other friends Durianrider, Freelee, Brendan Braizer, Dan “The Man Life Regenerator” McDonald, the Raw Brahs and Tim Van Orden!!! So so so many friends were nominated and many awesome people recognized. My new friend Dan “The Man” McDonald won First Place in Both “Raw Vegan Educator” and “Sexiest Raw Male”, Tim Van Orden Won First in “Favourite Raw Male Athlete”.

I am also excited to say my good Friends Brian and Jody Calvi of The Farm of Life Got 2nd place for “Best Raw Retreat Centre” a title they really deserve with their heart based affordable service and accomidations!!

I feel really really blessed to be a part of such a uplifting consciousness expanding group, thousand blessings to the entire “Best of Raw” crew for all the work and love that goes into this amazing site and event and to everyone both the Nominees’ voters and everyone striving towards Optimal Living and Their Highest Potential! 🙂

Wishing you much much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck