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The Greatest Present

Being in the moment, hmm.. oh no what am I going to do about dinner, oh I got to do this later, I hope I didn’t forget anything, oh what if I messed this up… hmmm sound familiar? I know I recognize that thinking, it...

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Grow in Gratitude

Happy Canada Day Everyone! 🙂 As today suggests, its a time of Celebration and being Thankful for what we have!!! We are so truly blessed to live where we do and have the opportunities we have. High quality of life, a safe...

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Grow in Motivation

Good Day all 🙂 It seems many of us have a hard time keeping motivation up, at least when it comes to improving our health. I know I really used to! All throughout my teens and early 20's I would be really motivated, for a...

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Blog time

Happy Day and welcome to my first blog post! I have Hummed and Hawed about what to kickstart my mailing list with, but in the end know its best to just start 🙂 All too often we get wound up in what’s we imagine is best,...

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