Blessings and Happy New Year!

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions?

Do they include eating better?  Losing weight?  Just being healthier?

I want to share with you my New years Intentions 🙂

Special Bonus News!!

From now until January 10th, Andrew Perlot is running an awesome special on his books that will help you reach these goals.  I am a huge huge fan of Andrew’s – he is Awesome and Informative!  His recipes are straight up 811 hygienic n ones I love!  His Raw Food Weight Loss  book is amazing n I will be doing a full review on it in 2013 here.  You may remember Andrew from the interview I did with him this fall on  You can still check that out here.

Andrew Running

Soooo here’s the deal-e-o…

His three popular books Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality, The Raw Food Lifestyle, and Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces, have helped inspire a lot of people to go raw, and have assisted them during the transition.

He’s decided to offer them at a discount for everyone looking to follow through with their New Year’s resolutions to improve their health this year.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, overcoming a disease, or just get more energy for your life, these books can make the difference.

Until January 10, he’s offering 15 percent off the purchase of any of them individually (use the code “NewYearSale”), or 35 percent off the total purchase price if you buy all three in the special print or digital edition packages he’s created.

The Books:

Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality


Lose weight, overcome your health problems, and feel more energetic with a raw food diet.

This book walks you through the nutritional rationale for eating raw, tells you what to eat, how much, gives you a menu plan and sample recipes, and answers your raw food questions with an extensive Q&A section.

If you want to know how to successfully go raw and reach your health goals, this is the book you need.

Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces


Savory Raw Dressings and Sauces is all about how great truly healthy food can taste without any of the added junk that ruins most salad toppings.

Whether you’re looking for an amazing Italian-style sauce to go on top of zucchini noodles, or something sweet and satisfying for your salad greens, this book has got it.

Besides giving you the best recipes I’ve created, it also teaches you how to make your own from scratch using ingredients you have on hand or can get at any supermarket.

The Raw Food Lifestyle


If you think that food is the only thing keeping you down, think again.

Although raw foods are a big part of this book, the focus is on lifestyle – those elements outside the stomach which so radically undermine most people’s health.

Getting enough sun exposure, dealing with social issues, sleep, and thriving mentally are all covered in detail. Ever feel depressed or in a mental funk? There’s a pretty straightforward way to escape, which this book covers.

Wishing you much

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