Live in Consultations

I am most excited to offer up my services as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & 100% Raw Lifestyle Coach announcing full time live in consulting!

Completely rawvolutionise your life with the hands on guidance and perspective of a experienced, long term, 100% raw food lifestyle coach. Learning from others’ experience is the absolute best way to ensure the quickest and safest application of your new or improved raw lifestyle, helping the love and light, that is your true self, come shining though!

It’s my wish to help you effortlessly and joyously leap toward the optimal health, fitness, and calm serenity in life that is truly your birthright!

In my experience the raw lifestyle is truly a vortex of positive change effecting all aspects of the self, physical, emotional, and spiritual. It’s an interesting fact that we not only store toxins in our physical body but also store suppressed emotions. By adding more raw foods into your lifestyle you begin to purge the physical, mental, and emotional baggage often accumulated in our modern times. During this process it is most helpful to have the experienced guidance and compassionate support by your side to help bring ease to the physical and emotional detox often experienced with such a change.

Wherever you are

Wherever you are, I’m excited to stay with You!

Whether you live in the tropics, a sprawling concrete jungle, or a small town winter wonderland, I can help you apply the most fulfilling, simply delicious, physically, mentally and spiritually uplifting lifestyle imaginable. By staying with you full time for a week, 2 weeks, or up to a month we organically cover and implement the habits of those hugely successful in their health and fitness pursuits, while outlining and avoiding the many common snags and pitfalls those who repetitively falter often experience.

Click the button below to request a consultation form or to set up a free 10-15 minute call to help decide if this type of coaching is right for you.

Is it right for you?

The decision to reach out and get coaching is a true statement of your desire for positive self growth, a major step toward real change. A Live In coach can bring together all the various elements of optimal health in a integrated manner that best fits you while in the comfort of your own home. While you may think that it’s a no brainer to simply add more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet in practice it’s truly invaluable to have full time hands on experience, guidance, and support on your side. Having had my own sharp ups and downs in implementing a 100% raw diet I know that a experienced guide can help you avoid the common pitfalls and setbacks, preventing much wasted time and vitality. A Lifestyle Coach can help streamline your journey by creating personalized fitness routines, providing helpful coping mechanisms, and implementing a 100% raw eating plan that is quite simply enjoyable, easy to follow, and nutritionally sound.

What to expect

I am proud to offer my live in coaching services anywhere in the world for a week, two weeks, or up to a month. While the focus is on implementing a simple and enjoyable 100% raw food diet, it brings me great joy to offer the most integrated uplifting service I can. Combine the skills of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, an experienced 100% Raw Food Vegan, a personal Raw Chef, A Reiki practitioner, a Motivational Lifestyle Coach, an in-home Fitness Trainer, a Personal Yoga teacher, an amateur Athlete, and all around self improvement buff all in one at your disposal 24/7!

What I can offer?

  • A daily Yoga Practice, Hatha, Kendalini, Raw Power or Kundalini (I have been practicing yoga since 1998 and have learnt from various teachers)
  • Fasting for Health (a short supervised fast of 2-3 days to kick start our time together)
  • Balancing and Healing Reiki / Massage Treatments (I am a certified reiki master)
  • Centering and Calming Meditation Practices (helping unwind gaining focus in the Present)
  • Strength Building Isometrics (simple and effective body weight exercises)
  • Effective General Fitness Training (cardio, weights, flexibility, in home, gym, or around town!)
  • Freeing and Flowing Reflexology (an ancient practice that works to clear the meridians of the feet and hands)
  • Exciting and Fun Skateboarding (over 30 years experience and currently an amateur)
  • Expanding Deepened Breathing Practices (promoting better cellular oxygenation, focus, and health)
  • Life Changing Power of Positive Thought (truly life guiding)


The focus is completely up to you and dependent on your personal desires needs and preferences. It is my wish to help you fine tune and uplift your entire lifestyle bringing more balance to your entire being. I do not know anyone who offers this kind of personalized service, nor anyone with my unique qualifications. As it is I know I could comfortably ask for hundreds of dollars a day and up to thousands of dollars a week for such a highly integrative full time service. Following my heart I wish to make this opportunity available and affordable by offering myself up for the most part by donation.

In exchange for my live in services it is a given that certain needs must be met:

  • Travel, usually but not always to and from My location to yours
  • Accommodations (Preferably at your place or offsite if needed)
  • Food (I can eat a more simply fare than the food I prepare for you to save $, or same as you at your preference)
  • A Weekly or Monthly Donation will be agreed upon before the consult is booked