Stupidly Simple Raw Recipes

Stupidly Simple Yet Profoundly Life Changing!
Josh realy drives simplicity home with this amazing, colorful and fun ebook that can help even the most stubborn kid become a full blown Fruit Lover. Amazing and simple recipes that are sure to become staples, enjoy!

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My Good Friend Josh Fossgreen has really changed his life with a Low Fat Raw Vegan Lifestyle.

After Years of Searching and Applying different diets and exersise routines he found something that Led him to expereince the Health, Clarity and Vitality he Found and Intuitively knew he was designed to thrive with!

This Transformation Led him to Create and Share his Simple n powerful Ebook

“Stupidly Simple Raw Food Recipes”

This Book is As the Name Brings Up, is Filled with the simplest and most Tasty Raw food Recipes you could Imagine to supercharge you life. 

More than a Few contain One ingredient utilizing differnt textures and layers to bring a fully new taste and feel.

With 30 simple 811 style recipes, 

Great info on:

– Typical Staples and Fruit Info

– Food Combining Basics 

–  Raw Food Nutrition

This Book keeps it light Fun and very Visual with awesome Pictures and cartoons including a Picture game within!

Josh has really Created a book Parents and Kids Alike can have fun reading learning from and Creating epic Meals together with.

Now Josh Rolls as a Raw SuperHero and Inspirationalist in Lifestyle and Teaching Music, Josh has changed many lives for the better bringing renewed simplicty and common sence into a over comlicated Raw food scene!

Check out his awesome Website for much more Info at

I love Josh and his eBook so much I am stoked to be a affiliate!

Simply click the link above to Get yours today I cant recommend it highly enough!

Enjoy much

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