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Food Combining and Fat
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Thriving on a Unconventional Lifestyle
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Day in the Life, Raw Food n Yoga Surf Adventure in Costa Rica!
Bolognese - The Best Raw Vegan Bolognese Recipe!
Fake Tofu, FoFu?! WTF
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Choose how to React to Anxiety
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Mundekulla Raw Festival in Sweden 2016 - Banana Commander Vision!
Vegan Activist - Top Tips to Spread the Vegan Message to Friends and Family
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Thou Shall Not Combine Melons
Raw Food and Happiness on the Lyckobloggen Podcast!
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Raw in Croatia, Getting Ready for the First Raw Vegan Cruise
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Hunger; What is Hunger?
Detox, Juice Cleanse, What is the Best Cleanse?!
Yoga for Lower Back Pain
The Ultimate Oral Hygiene Plan
Yoga for Dental Hygiene / Oral Hygiene
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Take a Break
Successful On A Fruit Based Diet (80-10-10)? Interview with Chris Kendall By Ka Sundance
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Have Diabetes? Change your Life for the Better I Guarantee it!
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Support The Raw Advantage Dream with Amazon Smile
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2016 Skate Camp Announced!
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Sweden Raw Food Festival at Mundekulla 2015
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Candida Albicans, Yeast Infections? How to Cure yourself!
Satiation, why people are getting Fatter and Fatter!
The Best Deluxe Raw Pizza Recipe Ever!
Bouncing Off the Walls at Apex Trampoline Park
Simple Mango Noodle Salad
Dr. SAM Natural Health Newsletter
Delicious and Filling Raw Pudding! 
Beware the Canistel Curse, a sweet fruit seduction!
Upcoming Raw Food Festivals & Events
Woodstock Fruit Festival Hawaii Part 2
Woodstock Fruit Festival Hawaii Banana Commander Vision!
Have You Been Storing Your Bananas Wrong?!
Deluxe Low Fat Raw Vegan Burger Recipe!
Durian Island with Mads & Mikkel of Sweet Natural Living
Curing Cancer and Running Raw Around Australia with Janette and Alan
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The Gummy Bear Fruit?!?!?!
Ouch My Back!!! The McGill Big Three
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The Banana Commander in Amsterdam
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Dr Rick Dina on Fasting & Bloodtests at The Raw Living Expo!
Woodstock Fruit Festival Talent Show 2014
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Rainbow Island Cleanse FAQ's
A Woodstock Fruit Festival Wedding - Raini & Anna!
Food & Emotional, Physical Health - Interview with Victor Das
Woodstock Fruit Festival Day 7, Last Day Of Week One!!
How to Achieve Peak Fitness with Raw Foods
Woodstock Fruit Festival - Day 5 & Day 6
Woodstock Fruit Festival- Day 3 & Day 4
Woodstock Fruit Festival Days 1 & 2, plus my Birthday!
Do You Even Lift Bro? Lifting With Doug & Crew
Life and Times On My Summer Tour .... London
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Raw Vegan Triathlete Ted Carr's top tips for high level fitness!
Dan "The Life Regenerator" McDonald on Self Growth and Letting Go
UK Fruit Festival Part 1
Karen Ranzi on her "Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families"
Strong Man Workout, Fingles Fingers with Dr Doug Graham
Foraging for wild edibles in Prague With Tereza Buckova
Kendalini's Quickie Yoga at The Raw Living Expo 2014
Dr Douglas Graham on Making Fitness Fun!
Banana Commander, Raw on the Road in Prague!
Naturally Ashley & the Banana Commander on CTV Morning Live News!
Dr Douglas Graham Interview on Raw Divides and Woodstock Fruit Festival
Raw in Venice Italy Plus Tips on Low Fat Diet and Under Ripe Fruit!
John Kohler on Whole Foods and The Woodstock Fruit Festival!
Raw in Rome
Raw Food Scene in "Nice" France
Barcelona Fruitluck, Best Fruit Market n Hostel Plus Skateboarding Action!
Paris Auto Cleaning Toilet.. Exposed!
"Woodstock" Parody Song of "Jackson" by Johnny Cash and June Carter
Best Fruit Markets and Raw Food Meetups in Paris France!
Europe Fruit Festivals, Fruitlucks and Banana Commander Adventure's
Chemtrails / Geoengineering, What we can do about it?
Megan Elizabeth's Top Tips for a Natural Makeup Routine
Pure Food and Wine Restaurant Review and Naturally Ashley's Birthday Celebration
Raw vegan Icecream Float!
4th Annual WFF and NYC Frickin Fruitluck Hype!
Tim Van Orden 4 Time US Runner of the Year.. Raw Vegan!
Train Yoga by Kendalini is Sweeping the Nation!
The Raw Advantage "Better than Nori" Raw Vegan Sushi Sheets Recipe
The Raw Advantage Patented Secret Best Raw Pizza Crust Recipe
Better than Nori Sushi Wraps
My Favorite Farmers Market in Costa Rica, Plus Special Guests!
The Raw Advantage Pizza Party!
Epic Tandem Cliff Jump, Diamonte, Costa Rica
Miss Naturally Ashley Interview on Fruit Powered Digest!! 🙂
Book Release - Feel Good Now! By Dr. Sam
Wild Edibles: The Dirt on the Highest Sodium and Omega 3 Plant!
Maui Frickin' Fruitluck!!
Interview with Raini Pachanko
Tarah Millen's Top Tips to Stay Raw and Warm in the Winter
Talk & Food Demo with Steve Factor at Whole Foods
Cinnamon Heart Delight & "Love" the Master Link to Health!
Does Going Vegan Improve Your Inner Game?
Raw Vegan Transformation with Wynter Griffing
Behind the Scenes at the New Raw Food Central
Batman Loves Mangos
Eastern Persimmon Tang'
Don Bennett's #1 Tip for Succeeding on a Raw Food Lifestyle
Free Raw Food Recipes App on CTV News
Enjoy a Getaway, TRA Costa Rica Raw Food n Yoga Adventure Retreat
Chris Kendall on CTV News Live, Plus Behind the Scenes Fun
Mike Vlasaty Shares his Top 3 Tips For Gaining Muscle Mass
John Kohlers Top Tips For Growing your Own Greens
Tino Bananiac Interviews Chris Kendall On His Transition to a Raw Food Diet
Picking and Opening a Durian
Costa Rica Retreat Dates Announced!!
Raw On The Road Blender Tricks and Best of Raw Awards!
Releasing New Born Baby Turtles into the Sea!
The Best Simple No Fat Raw Pizza Recipe!!
"On The Road Again" By Willie Nelson Cover by Banana Commander
Getting Raw In Mexico, TRA Raw Food n Yoga Adventure Retreats!!
Happy World Vegan Day!
TRA's Best Fall Raw Recipe.. Persimmon Mulberry "Oatmeal"
Free App "The Raw Advantage Raw Recipes App" Tutorial n Bonus Recipes
Healthy Raw Nutrition For Children And Teenagers - Teleconference with Karen Ranzi
Peace, Love and Seasonal Fruit - In Estonia!
Chris Kendall on The Vegan Truth Live on
"Mr Fruitastic" Live Parody Remix of Mr Boombastic by Shaggy
Teresa Palmer Interviews Chris Kendall on
Celebrating 5000 Subscribers With Freebies and Giveaways!
Fruitarian on Mainstream TV Show Castle
How To Avoid the Zombie Apocalypse, Life Saving Tips!
Reaching Out - Finca de Vida
The Official Woodstock Fruit Festival 2013 Video!
25 Year Raw Vegan Dr Robert Lockhart's Shares Tips for Anti Aging!
Paperback Retreat Treats, Book Bundle & More
The Great Kendalini Returns to Answer Your Questions
Woodstock Fruit Festival - Photo Essay and CNN Interview with Michael Arnstein
Woodstock Fruit Festival Days 6 & 7
Woodstock Fruit Festival - Day 5
The Raw Advantage Iphone App is Here!!!
Woodstock Fruit Festival Madness (Days 1-4)
Emotional Eating, Binge Eating and Finding Peace and Ease
Sag Veganeer Raw East Indian Recipe, TRA Retreat Treats Book Release!
Pre TRA Mexico Retreat Madness
TRA interviews Curtis Griffing of Raw Food Central, Plus a Recipe!
TRA to Raw Food Central, Raw Vegan Since Birth!
TRA at JUSTfood in Chester CT, My talk and Adventures!
Best of Chris Kendall Skateboarding 2, RAW Footage 🙂
Bone Growth and Natural Healing with Raw Food
Hot Tips for Eating Out Raw, Plus a Recipe.. In the Restaurant!
TRA Dream - Be a CoCreator
Amazing Discovery, Fun Is Fun and can make you Levitate!!
Unlimited Free Green Juice / Local Organic Wheat Grass Juice!
A New TRA Segment "Ask Kendalini"
KendallBites - Tattoo's, Mangos and Kelp Noodles!
Free Yoga in the Park, Saskatoon Frickin' Fruitluck, I Like Fun..
NYC Frickin' Fruitluck 2012, 2013 Signup n Hype!
Post 2012 Woodstock Fruit Festival NYC Madness!!
My Interview on
My Interview on with Luis Souza
Full Kendalini Yoga Class, The Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012!
The Simplest, Most Difficult Smoothie Ever!!
Sick for the First time in 14+ Years!?
KendallBites.. Final Days at The Farm of Life!
Feeling the Woodstock Vibe Again, 2012 Final Days!
TRA Hawaiian Adventure #6 Cast off n Puna Frickin' Fruitluck!
TRA Hawaiian Adventures #5, A Sea Purslane Party!
Raw Girls Taste Better... Raw Vegan B12 concerns?
TRA Hawaiian Adventures #4, An unexpected Break...
TRA Hawaiian Adventure #3, Living in a Banyan Tree!
A Visit to the Big Island 80/10/10 Community
Banana Commander Hawaiian Adventure.. Part 1!
Chris Kendall interview on Fasting by Anastasia Garkusha
Full Kendalini's Kundalini Yoga Class with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Kendall Bites, Raw Tropical Road Trip Action
My Top 4 Sources of Vitamin D for Vegans
101 Frickin' Rawsome Recipes Presents Banana Fennel "Rice" Pudding!
TRA Ghetto Free Weight Basement Workout!
Costa Rica Retreat 2013
2012 WFF Video # 3, Durian Eating Contest n My talk on Unconditional Space
TRA Interviews Megan Elizabeth McDonnell EasyToBeRaw
2012 Woodstock Fruit Festival Part 2, Banana Commander Style..
Mega Legs/Ab Blaster Workout n Sweet Candy Cane Drink Recipe!
Getting Sh!tFaced at the Beach on The Raw Advantage Retreat!
TRA Interviews Michael Arnstein, Woodstock Fruit Festival Creator!
2012 Woodstock Fruit Festival Part 1, Banana Commander Style..
My Favourite Raw Friendly Restaurant in PV and my Hit song, Tomato Love...
Mexico Madness, Super Sexy Swimwear, a Lunch Recipe n Hot tips for Dinners out!
Mexico Surfing Safari and Yaka Yaka yaka...
YWS NTB Skate Tour - Full Video as seen by the Banana Commander...
Batman's Favorite Raw Soup Recipe, A TRA Exclusive...
New Banana Commander Commercial for all French Television!
Staying Raw and Keeping Warm in the Winter, Plus a Recipe!
Arnold Kauffman interviews me on the TRAdream
Wall Climbing and an Apple Pie Recipe!
Happy World Vegan Day/Month: Why I Love Being Vegan #2 🙂
KendallBite Action, Talk at Miss Mullen's Class, Skipping, Charlize!
Final Days at The Farm of Life 2012!! 🙂
Two Apple Recipes, Enjoy the Harvest!
Costa Rica 2012 Retreat Video, January 2013 Retreat Hype and a Recipe!
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