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Sweet n Savoury Fruit Soup!

This Simple Sweet and Savoury no fat dinner meal is so satisfying it has been a winter staple raw recipe for me for over 5 years!

Each winter I look forward to it and I want to share the deliciousness with you, enjoy the video!

To the No Fat Raw Recipe!

Sweet and Savoury Grape Soup – serves 1-2

2 lbs of your favourite grapes

2.5 lbs mandarine oranges

.5 – 1 lb baby spinach

Start by soaking the grapes in warm water and a cap full of vinegar to wash off any sprays. (both conventional and organic grapes are heavily sprayed with undesirable chemicals, the hot water and vinegar, or favourite veggie wash, helps to remove oil based sprays). Peel your mandarines and place in your vitamix blender (get yours here, up to $90 off + with Free Shipping) and blend just to get started. Add the spinach and blend till smooth starting with .5 lb and adding more using the tamper until desired taste and texture is achieved. I LOVE mine really thick with 1+ lbs of spinach. Rinse off the grapes and pick from the stem, place all washed grapes in a big bowl. Pour the mandarine Spinach smoothie over top of the grapes and eat with a big spoon!
(approximately 800 calories)

I hope you really love the fruit soup, I honestly find it to be one of the best dinner recipes during mandarine season, loving how I am left feeling light and satisfied.

As Always

Wishing You Much

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