The Raw Advantage dream

I Have a Dream


     The TRA Dream that is…

Aimed at

Creating Non-Profit Donation Based Healing Centers around the world.

Thanks to your generous donations the TRA Dream is now a Recognized 501(c)(3) Non Profit Charity incorporated in the State of Washington!
Together we can bring this Dream to Life, providing a place for everyone to heal and grow with raw foods, yoga and holistic health no matter their financial circumstances.

Even though we have made it this far we could really use some help, Watch the Video Below, Be a Co-creator, and help us with Donations of any kind.. Money, Land, Resources, service, trades, information etc.

Spread this page, this mission, help co-create what you wish to see in this world..

Based in and Facilitated through Loving service, it’s my dream that these Healing Learning Retreat Centers can be run primarily by Donation with some pay services, Classes and Retreats to help keep quality and service high.

I will also be running TheRawAdvantage for profit as to funnel proceeds from events, ebooks, products, services and more into the TRADream. 

When we live rooted in abundance, centered in the knowledge that we have much more to share than we ever need to cling onto, we will all truly be wealthy, healthy and happy as one family. 

I see this as one start to that…

Check out the video for Much Much more!!

If you wish to connect on the TRA Dream send me a message on the Contact Me page

To Donate to the TRA Dream Please use the Donate Button Below 🙂

Enjoy My First Video On the TRA Dream…

This dream, while I wish to be a co-creator in its manifestation, it really arises out of a collective want, a pulse for heart based centers that anyone can benefit from regardless of being rich, poor, young, old, a pro athlete or couch potato. A place accepting of all, operated and run primarily by the donation of time, energy, love, trades, land, services, resources, money, and loving service from both those coming to heal and those coming to teach, it’s truly a chance for us all to lift our sight and hearts high.

I feel a collective cry for a place where those who want to change can go and learn how to heal themselves, learn how to reach their highest physical, mental and spiritual potential, learn how to be their own doctor and even more important to be their own best friend.

The greatest gift is that through helping others grow with these truths, we come into being these truths, always a mutual growth in the dedication to loving service 🙂

We are all one, when we see this and treat each other as such we all have all we need, always in all ways!

I am so excited to get this manifestation snow ball rolling, but I do need your help!!!

Please share this, spread it, like it comment on it on Youtube, tweet it, get it out there for more eyes to see, more ears to hear and more hearts to touch.

My idea is to start one center, get it rolling and eventually two, three, who knows maybe four or more! I picture one in BC Canada, one in Mexico, possibly one in Hawaii, South America, one in Thailand, Europe etc etc!!

I live in the knowing that anything is possible, anything!!

A billionaire could see this tomorrow and say, heck I’m just going to sink a few million into this, and POOF the ball is catapulted!! A landowner in any of these places could read this and say, heck that just feels right, here use my land, my organic orchard. I truly feel this abundance of spirit, this sharing mentality rising on the planet today. 

Coming into the concepts of unity, our connection appreciation and love of Mother earth, sharing Nature bounty, the true wealth that’s present in good health, flowing with the concepts of natural hygiene, nature’s design and holistic living these centers are and will be constantly evolving communities, fasting centers, healing centers, schools, retreat centers, sacred spots, feasting grounds, fruit forests, abundant permaculture havens, filled with elven villages, hobbit holes and human dwellings.

This is just the beginning, a shouting out loud of this dream, a calling into being. 

Donations for the TRA Dream can be made via paypal, and in most cases CC and debit on this button below.

Or My donations Page can be used for any donations for Services, Consults or Appreciation.

Excited to share a new way to help!

1. Go to

2. Designate The Raw Advantage Dream as your charity of choice

3. Shop away

4. Every time you shop on Amazon, be sure to start at (your charity choice will be saved so you won’t have to re-enter).

5. SMILE – Knowing that you have made a difference.  You have helped bring this dream closer to reality!

Your help is needed and appreciated!!

Excited to co-create with you!

Remember if all you can donate is the sharing of this video and blog post by posting it on your Facebook, liking it on Youtube, tweeting it,

That’s Huge!

Let’s make this ripple spread n see how fast we can co-create these places of planetary growth n healing.

If you wish to contribute in any way send me a message on the Contact Me page <3

Much much much more to come!! 🙂



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