TRA interviews Curtis Griffing of Raw Food Central, Plus a Recipe!

While doing a talk at Raw Food Central, I was Blessed to Interview the owner, Curtis Griffing. Curtis has been living a raw food lifestyle for 30 years and has been Spreading the flow at Raw Food Education Center in CT for over 10. He also has 3 kids two of which 100% raw, one being 100% raw since birth, now 14.


Raw Food Central is dedicated to helping those who want to take responsibility for their own health.

It is their sincerest goal to educate and demonstrate how;

You Can Choose Not to be Sick!
They offer classes and support to improve your body, health and life!

Enjoy his personal journey as Curtis shares why he started with raw foods.  How the diet helped him to heal major ailments.  Also check out the Bonus Recipe he whips up during the interview!

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