TRA Interviews Dan “The Life Regenerator” McDonald and Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

This is a really really exciting and sweet Interview I have for you today.

I have Seen Dan “The Man” “The Life Regenerator” McDonald all over the internet over the last two years, It was really a pleasure meeting him and getting the chance to talk share n grow with him at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. Dan quite possibly has the most Influential Youtube Channel on the Raw Vegan Diet ever! Starting out just over two years ago Dan made a habit of Posting Daily from the heart, growing through sharing and exposing his truth through his Journey. A very inspiring and loving being I feel blessed to bring this interview and his presence to you! 🙂 Check him out on his Youtube channel and his site 🙂

This interview comes with a special Bonus! During my Interview with Dan “The Life Regenerator” Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully  Organic came to say goodbye! Flowing perfectly in the moment we proceeded with amazing Double interview. Kristina is a very inspiring n uplifting individual flowing so much sweetness thought her hugely successful Co-op out of Houston. Kristina has shone like a beacon to so many people through her website, youtube channel  and tv interviews, Bliss you Kristina 🙂

Hope you enjoy it and them both tons!! 🙂

Full Transcript for “TRA Interviews Dan “The Life Regenerator” McDonald and Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram” Below 🙂

Full Transcript for “TRA Interviews Dan “The Life Regenerator” McDonald and Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram” Below 🙂

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Full Transcript for “TRA Interviews Dan “The Life Regenerator” McDonald and Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram” Below 🙂

C: So we got another Raw Advantage Interview this time with Dan the Man, The LifeRegenerator, the man with the master plan. What’s going on Dan the Man?

D: Hi, thanks Chris. Man, just chilling at Woodstock Fruit Festival, having the best time ever.

C: Nice, man. Nice, man. So how did you hear about the Woodstock Fruit Festival? Did they reach out?

D: Yeah, Mike actually called me and interviewed.

K: Whooo! *running up to Chris and DTM*

C: Kristina, speaking of the devil…

K: Hi! Hi! I’m saying goodbye!

C: Saying goodbye? I didn’t even get a chance to interview you.

K: Well, hi I’m Kristina. I run Rawfully Organic in Houston, Texas. Ok, we’ll do an interview. We’ll do both of us!

C: Alright double. This is gonna be the best interview ever. So how do you guys know each other?

D: We just met here.

K: We just met. Divine connection.

C: One to two, what do you guys like to represent? What’s flowing passion through you right now?

D: The teachings of unconditional love for everyone, everything including yourself and especially yourself, at all times without reservation. A Challenge? Yes, of course. But to really get to the highest levels of healing and planet regeneration that’s what it’s going to take ’cause that’s the level of healing, is the unconditional love.

K: I have to say the teaching of love and food through communities.

C: Yeah. You have a co-op right?

K: I do have a co-op. I feel like communities are one of the most important things ever because it helps people and you can have connections.

C: And Dan you travel from community to community often and spread the message of clean foods, clean thoughts, you know cleaning up everything within and without.

D: Yeah, man. It’s just about purity. But not in a real like holier than thou piety but just the real kindness, gentleness, patience. All the qualities that make a big difference in a human being’s life. That are more expansive qualities, that are more helpful and don’t put up so much pressure. The guilt and the shame and the fear, that’s so much pressure and it’s so heavy and there’s sadness and who wants that? Really when you could be the joy that you really are deep down inside underneath all those lies.

K: Yeah, and that’s why we eat raw is because the cleaner you are on the inside the cleaner you are here *points to head*, right? And then so you can see that. And then you know that. And maybe some people here don’t eat that clean cause they may not feel that way they may not know that. Or maybe they get to see that and taste that just through us living it, right? So that’s why we’re here to share that message with them. That they can emanate that too.

D: I think when you say the raw foods, you know, the raw foods allow us to have energy so that we can finally begin to do the work to untie the knots that bind you.

C: Brings it up, eh? Brings it up for you to see, to feel. That’s what I always find that it clears the way for you to fully feel who you are and to see things that you aren’t and deal with them more or get dealt by them, I guess.

D: Sometimes it’s not that pleasant, but it’s necessary if you want to become illuminated…

*Kristina’s ride showed up!*

K: I gotta go…

C: Go time?

K: Thank you!

C: Thank you so much for getting in here, good to see you…

Well that was good that we got Kristina in there a little but cause I wanted to talk to her a little bit too.

D: She’s a star for sure.

C: Heck yeah. Heck yeah. It’s fun being on the internet and meeting so many people and finally coming out here and getting 3D, you know? Getting to meet everyone.

D: Everybody is a lot more cooler in real life. You only see one dimension on YouTube and you don’t really know and then when you meet them you see that there this full rounded person. Most people are different on camera. I’m a little different. You’re real on camera. A lot of the other guys I’ve interviewed they have this one persona and then off the camera it’s different. They’re more well rounded off the camera. But me, I’m just like “Hey, what’s up? Here’s my mistakes. Here’s my successes, you know? Beat me up. Leave your hate comments below and thumbs down!”.

C: Yeah, you probably don’t get a lot of those though.

D: You know, I’m up in the 90%, but some of them they can’t dig it, you know it’s more controversial…

C: That’s what your known for, man!

D: Controversy.

C: Controversy and “Can you dig it?” and I mean, you’re the biggest YouTube health food, raw food, for lack of better term guru, right? Teacher. You’re a teacher of course, so that fits. How did you get to that point man? You’ve been doing it for what, two, three years?

D: This is about 2.5 years on YouTube, and nobody knew me 2.5 years ago. I never wrote a book yet, I just do YouTube videos. Which is one of the greatest advantages ’cause YouTube is the new TV. But other than that, here’s the secret and I try to tell this to all the teachers is that, you know, your level of consciousness emanates. So, the higher your level of consciousness, the more expansive your understanding of the nature of the universe and how things work, then the more you’re going to emanate that vibration and attract.

C: Draw everything you need.

D: So it’s not about more facts or more data or getting a letter by your name. It’s more about the qualities that create spaciousness and higher levels of consciousness. It’s just that you’re up on the mountain a little higher. This other guy might be far more intellectually superior to you and have more facts and data. But you’re just higher up on the mountain and you can see a little bit more of the 365 degree view which allows you to have more compassion and understanding. It helps you to see where people are so you don’t talk above their head or below their head. And you can truly help them and nourish them where they are.

C: Where they are, where they need…’cause everyone’s perfect in that place, where ever they are.

D: So, that’s the secret really, and I try to tell that to everybody. Expand your level of consciousness through the understanding of the nature of how the ego works and then try to accept your ego and just work with it. Play with it. Accept it. It’s like a little puppy dog that just pees in the house. You gotta try to teach it to not do that. To not say stupid things or be rude. You know, but it does that. The ego wants to be right. And what you want to do is learn how to, instead of being right, just learn how to be kind, you know?

C: Love it all. See it. Accept it. And love it.

D: Love it all! The ups and downs and the all arounds. Man and then of course, the eating the fruits and the vegetables is a huge step in allowing this type of process to take place, that we’re speaking of.

C: Heck yeah, man. Heck yeah. Well, you know I’ve seen your videos for a long time and I feel really blessed to have met you out here and to spend time with you. And Dan shared a video of myself in the kitchen on his channel too, you can check that out here.

D: They loved it!

C: I’m so stoked on that, man. Everyday I’m getting more and more subscribers and it’s seriously unreal. So we can find you at Life Regenerator…

D: and I have a website with educational materials which is

C: You biked here too, from California, eh?

D: LA to New York on fruits and vegetable, don’t let them tell you it can’t be done. Check out the guns! *Flexes biceps* Still in good shape, fit as heck. Pretty happy and ready to take on the next challenge and adventure that’s coming up. It’s always like that. A new challenge. A new adventure. Keep going. Have courage. Have faith. And set a good example for the people around you. Don’t try to fix them, or convince them. But just be a good example.

C: Be the lighthouse.

D: Be the lighthouse and guide them back to the truth with the way that you live. Because by their fruits you will know them. And if they’re happy and radiant and successful and abundant, then you’re going to be like “Ok, I wanna be like that!”

C: “I wanna do that!” Yeah, ok.

D: And do what they do, you know?

C: Yeah, that’s the way man. Follow those who have the qualities that you wish to include in your own being, or to rise up to, you know?

D: Exactly. Saturate.

C: Saturate? Saturate through emulation at times? Or what are you thinking?

D: Well, when I say saturate I mean educate yourself. Like, go over the same principles over and over and over again. Don’t just listen to a CD about love once. Listen to it over and over again. Because as you go over the territory again and again, pretty soon you’ll memorize that territory and it will be like second nature. If you only listen to the “How to Love Yourself” CD once, you’re gonna have to remember and scratch your head. But pound it into your unconscious, the teachings on Love, the teachings on the Raw Food, the teachings on the Higher Levels of Understanding and Awareness.

C: Self-love, man. That’s the hugest thing. I mean, that’s been one of my hugest issues in the past, and things I’ve struggled with and continually will. And you know, I think that’s the biggest lesson that a lot of people have to learn. What do you think?

D: I think that is the number one. Once that happens everything else falls into line ’cause you stop hurting yourself.

C: Yeah. Bless you, man. Seriously thank you so much, Dan.

D:Thank you, bro.

C: Much love.

D: Alright, peace.

C: Raw Advantage! Dan the Man!

D: The Life Regenerator, out!

C: The Life Regenerator, peace! 

As Always

Wishing You Much

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