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I learned more about how to eat from Chris Kendall in 45 minutes than from my previous fifty one years on the planet! Piercing nutritional and lifestyle insights delivered with compassion and purpose. If you’re thinking about hiring Chris for coaching, going on retreat, etc…stop thinking and DO IT!
Glenn Livingston Ph.D., Psychologist
Chris is one of the most uplifting and inspiring people I have ever met. He has helped inspire me to turn my life around becoming an online entrepreneur who follows my passions and dreams and has much better digestion and energy levels. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to go to one of his retreats in Costa Rica where I experienced deep levels of inspiration and purpose. I highly recommend any chance to hang out with Chris as it is an absolutely awesome opportunity and healing experience!
Chris you were as amazing as you are on your videos and how you write. I choose to come to this retreat because I could tell any retreat that you were involved would be more than worth it! Your lighthearted nature and caring energy is inspiring beyond words. You do have a amazing way of making everyone comfortable and soothing any tension. I would recommend anyone wishing a transformative and deliciously fun adventure to sign up to one of your retreats!
We are blessed and eternally grateful that our journey led us to Chris. Finally someone who could make sense of the whole raw food thing and make it simple. If we had found Chris 10 years ago we would have saved thousands of dollars. Chris with his passion and experience has guided us on how to keep things simple and maintain the raw lifestyle. We can now say “ooh baby we like it raw!”
Aggie and Brian Thiesing
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