As an RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) Raw / Transitional Lifestyle Coach, Raw Food Chef, and Yoga Teacher it is my passion and purpose to help you more easily achieve the Optimal Health, Happiness, and Fitness that is your birthright!

With over 18 years of specializing in the holistic raw vegan lifestyle, I happily offer the following Health and Fitness Consultation services:

One on One Consultations

Raw Vegan Lifestyle Success System

Groups, Workshops, and Presentations

Enjoy the fast track to success on your Improved, Transitional, or 100% Raw Food Lifestyle by avoiding the common mistakes many people make starting the raw food diet or on their raw food journey ????

It is a blessing to provide personalized caring support, enthusiasm, perspectives, tools, tips, and guidance to help others find streamlined success in going and staying raw!

Excited to connect, flow and grow together! 

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One on One Online Consultation Services
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Group Workshops, Festivals and Presentations
Raw vegan lifestyle success system online course
Raw Vegan Lifestyle Success System


Learning from others’ experiences is the absolute best way to ensure the quickest and safest application of your new or improved raw vegan lifestyle. The decision to reach out and get coaching is a true statement of your desire for positive self-growth, a major step toward real change. While you may think that it’s a no-brainer to simply add more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, in practice, it’s truly invaluable to have experience, guidance, and support on your side. Having been there, an experienced guide can help you avoid the common pitfalls and setbacks, preventing wasted time and vitality. A Raw Food Lifestyle Coach and or a Raw Diet Mentor can help streamline your raw food journey by helping you create a personalized eating plan that is quite simply enjoyable, easy to follow, and nutritionally sound.

In my experience, the Raw Lifestyle is truly a vortex of change affecting all aspects of the self: physical, emotional, and spiritual. It’s an interesting fact that we not only store toxins in our physical body but also suppress and store emotions. By adding more raw foods into your lifestyle, you can begin to purge the physical, mental, and emotional baggage often accumulated in our modern times. During this process, it is most helpful to have experienced guidance and compassionate support to help bring ease to the physical and emotional detox often experienced with such a change. True health has many facets, a Raw Lifestyle Coach can help you see the holistic viewpoint helping you to see and to tighten the weakest links while strengthening the rest.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a 100% Raw Lifestyle Coach, it is truly my passion to spread awareness of the benefits that come from implementing a healthy holistic raw food lifestyle, enjoying exercise, sunshine, loving relationships, adequate sleep, and other healthful lifestyle factors. It’s my promise to provide you with the compassionate encouragement, motivation, advice, attention, time, and respect that you truly deserve.


I am proud to offer my coaching in a wide variety of formats; in person, on Zoom, or by email (after an initial Zoom video meeting), to fit your preference, offering personal one-on-one service even when across the world at another time zone. 

As lifestyle coaching is a highly personal exchange, in the case another raw food coach or consultant might be more appropriate for you, I may be able to point you in another practitioner’s direction according to your needs.

Everything we discuss prior to, during, and after our session together is 100% confidential, and never to be discussed with a third party, unless your wish and consent are given (such as in a personal testimonial).

In order to serve everyone regardless of their financial situation I offer 4 types of consultations;

Donation-Based Consultations: Includes a 1-hour zoom call with a Q&A style format to help you find your weakest links, plus two follow-up emails with 2-3 questions each. I offer 8 donation-based consults per month, each individual can do up to four donation-based consultations. (average donation $60 – $100)

1 Month Raw Lifestyle Coaching Package: Includes two 1.5-hour Zoom calls per month, up to 1 email per day, my recipe ebooks (101 Frickin Rawsome Recipes & TRA Retreat Treats), helpful handouts specific to your needs, a full holistic overview + fine-tuning your lifestyle with goal setting and four 21 Day Seasonal Meal Plans. $397.00 USD + vat

3 Month Raw Lifestyle Coaching Package: Includes two 1.5-hour Zoom / Phone calls per month, up to 1 email per day, my recipe ebooks (101 Frickin Rawsome Recipes & TRA Retreat Treats), helpful handouts, a full holistic overview + fine-tuning your lifestyle with Goal Setting and four 21 Day Seasonal Meal Plans. $997.00 USD + vat

Raw Vegan Lifestyle Success System: My 10-week fully interactive online holistic lifestyle course with 5 modules, 15 live group coaching calls (3 per month over 5 months), my recipe ebooks (101 Frickin Rawsome Recipes & TRA Retreat Treats), my four 21 Day Seasonal Meal Plans, tons of exclusive bonuses, and much more! $997.00 USD Learn more here!

Whether you’re new to raw foods or decades in, it’s a heartfelt joy to provide personalized caring support, enthusiasm, empowerment, tools, and guidance to help you find streamlined success, motivation, and confidence to embrace and thrive with your healthy raw food lifestyle!

To request a Consultation simply click the button below and let us know which of the above three options you would prefer.