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Enjoy the fast track to success on your improved, transitional or 100% raw food lifestyle by cutting through common misinformation and avoiding the common mistakes many people make when starting their health journey. 

My name is Chris Kendall, the area of holistic health creation and raw food nutrition has been my passion since 1998. In the spirit of loving service I offer myself up as a RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) & 100% Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, by donation, to help you more easily achieve the optimal health and fitness that is your birthright!

Whether your new to raw foods or decades in, it’s a blessing and honor to provide the personalized caring support, enthusiasm, empowerment, tools, and guidance to help you find streamlined success in going and staying raw! With over 14 years on the raw food diet and a decade sharing via my private consultation practice it would be a pleasure to connect with you on your journey.

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Raw Food Lifestyle Coaching

True wealth is found in optimal health, without your health the colors and joys of the world seem faded. Learning to apply enjoy a optimal raw food diet based in whole fresh ripe organic fruits and vegetables is the surest way to enviable vitality, longevity and well being.

Feeling so blessed by the love, gratitude and peace I have found over the last 14 years on the raw food diet applying holistic health practices I cant help but share. Desiring to put it forward I offer myself up in loving service by donation with no attachment to the amount nor the timing of the Donation.
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I am proud to offer my coaching in a wide variety of formats (in person, on skype/ichat, phone or email) to fit your preference regardless of where in the world you are. Sessions often last between 30 – 90 minutes depending our agreed time frame and the realities of the moment. The topics or issues we talk about is completely up to you, we can effectively use the session as a highly personal Q&A covering many topics or instead focus on one or two pressing issues.

As lifestyle coaching is a highly personal exchange in the case another raw food coach or consultant might be more appropriate for you, I may be able to point you in the right direction. Everything we discuss prior to, during, and after our session together is 100% confidential, never to be discussed with a third party, unless your wish and consent is given (such as in a personal testimonial).

In order to serve everyone regardless of their financial situation I offer 3 types of consultations;
Donation based consultations: includes a 1 hour skype / phone call with a qna style format to help you find your weakest links, plus one follow up email.
1 Month Raw Lifestyle Coaching Package : Includes two 1.5 hour Skype / Phone calls per month, up to 1 email per day, my recipe ebooks (101 Frickin Rawsome Recipes & TRA Retreat Treats), helpful handouts, a full holistic overview + fine tuning your lifestyle with Goal Setting and meal plans. $250.00 usd
3 Month Raw Lifestyle Coaching Package: Includes two 1.5 hour Skype / Phone calls per month, up to 1 email per day, all of my recipe ebooks, helpful handouts, a full holistic overview + fine tuning your lifestyle with Goal Setting and meal planing. $600.00 usd

My preferred method of payment is Paypal contributed on my donations page, I will also accept payments by bank transfer, cash, or information/service trade if applicable.Donation based consultations are asked to be made simply through following your heart, if you don’t feel it was of value or heart felt no monetary exchange is necessary.

Learning from others experience is the absolute best way to ensure the quickest and safest application of your new or improved raw lifestyle. The decision to reach out and get coaching is a true statement of your desire for positive self growth, a major step toward real change. While you may think that its a no brainer to simply add more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet in practice its truly invaluable to have experience, guidance, and support on your side. Having been there a experienced guide can help you avoid the common pitfalls and setbacks, preventing wasted time and vitality. A Raw Food Lifestyle Coach and or a Raw Diet Mentor can help streamline your Raw food journey by helping you create a personalized eating plan that is quite simply enjoyable, easy to follow, and nutritionally sound.

In my experience the Raw Lifestyle is truly a vortex of change effecting all aspects of the self, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Its a interesting fact that we not only store toxins in our physical body but also suppress emotions. By adding more raw foods into your lifestyle one begin to purge the physical, mental, and emotional baggage often accumulated in our modern times. During this process it is most helpful to have the experienced guidance and compassionate support to help bring ease to the physical and emotional detox often experienced with such a change. True health has many faucets, a Raw Lifestyle Coach can help you see the holistic viewpoint helping you to see and to tighten the weakest links while strengthening the rest.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a 100% Raw Lifestyle Coach it is truly my passion to spread awareness and being of the benefits that come with implementing the raw lifestyle, enjoying exercise, sunshine, loving relationships, adequate sleep, and other healthful lifestyle factors. Its my promise to provide you with the compassionate encouragement, motivation, advice, attention, time and respect that you truly deserve.

Common Issues Covered and Overcome Include:

  • How to enjoy as much food as you desire, while easily maintaining your most vibrant and healthful lean body weight

  • Learning quick, easy, and delicious recipes that you will enjoy making for yourself and others

  • Dealing with emotional issues without numbing yourself with  heavy food, and/or alcohol and drugs

  • How to consistently pick the best produce following the season while getting great deals when grocery shopping

  • The how and why of cravings and easily making them a thing of the past

  • Feeding a family with healthy food that they will love eating and ask for again and again

  • Making lifelong habits that provide the easiest and best way to improve your health, immunity, love of self and others

  • Comprehensive assessment of your specific needs and health history – emotional and physical

  • Becoming a happier more joyously positive person

  • Saying farewell to colds and flu’s, increasing productivity and clarity of thought

  • How to enjoy and not just survive your raw, vegetarian or vegan diet

  • Increasing your fitness and energy levels beyond your highest expectations, so you can keep going and going…

  • Saving time on preparation of elaborate meal-plans, not to mention doing less dishes that are easier to clean

  • Learn to feel at joyful ease with your lifestyle in social circumstances

  • Creating a home environment and setting up a raw kitchen that is supportive of your improved lifestyle

  • You are currently dissatisfied in your current job/situation/relationship, and want to make positive changes to  enable you to fulfil your goals

  • Being more in tune with the “Present” bringing increased mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness

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I happily offer my Raw Diet Coaching, Mentoring and Consultation in person, by email, skype / ichat, by phone, or any combination thereof.

To request a consultation form and set up a time/date and method to connect email my Awesome PA Sarah at or simply use the “Contact Me” button below.

Having been blessed in the past by the help of those acting from the heart in loving service I have been moved to offer my consultations By Donation with no attachment to the amount nor the timing of the Donation.

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I truly find striving for optimal health to not only be one of my greatest joys, but also incredibly simple. Its my wish to help others sift through the piles of misinformation, confusion, pitfalls, and marketing, through sharing my experience, passions, and truth. I am not saying there are not and will not be any challenges on the path, but believe through creating healthful thought patterns and learning where to put the focus, the joy is in the process. Through both my 1 on 1 Raw Food Lifestyle Consultations and Full Time live in Consultations and Lifestyle Mentoring, my goal is to help people become empowered with the simplicity of holistic health finding the true confidence of self sufficiency, learning to easily create their highest vision of themselves.

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