Rare Exotic Fruit Tour at Diamond Heart Center Costa Rica

I am blessed to share this Rare Exotic Fruit Tour at my good friend Jacob’s budding Diamond Heart Farm & Dharma Center in the Diamante Valley, Costa Rica.

Planted out with some of the most unique and rare exotic fruit varieties I’ve ever seen, I am sure there are many you have never heard of and that you will want to visit to try out.

Enjoy the video!

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You may recognize Jake from my popular Raw Vegan Cinnamon Bun Video.

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Watch the video to learn why the Diamond Heart Center is now my farm by watching the tour,

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Just a little sneak peek into the video with some of the exotics mentioned.

Watch the video for more details and to learn about several rare exotic fruit varieties not listed.

Chris: Hello, good to see you again, brother.

Jake: It’s good to see you too, Chris.

Chris: It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve seen my brother from another mother right here, and we’re going to his land in Costa Rica to do a rare exotic fruit tour!

Jake: Chris got me to Costa Rica 12 years ago when I started following him on YouTube, and for the last two years, I’ve been living and creating this dream.

Just a few of the Rare Exotic Fruit Trees on Jakey’s Land, there are over 1000 with many rare varieties of each:

Plantain: Details: Ripe level affects sweetness and density. Jakey prefers medium-ripe plantains for a balance of sweetness and texture.

Mango: Details: Grafted mango trees are cultivated in the orchard. Varieties include traditional and raw exotic types, offering a range of flavors.

Citrus: Details: Grafted citrus trees provide a wide variety of fruits, such as oranges, lemons, and limes of all types.

Jackfruit: Details: Grafted jackfruit trees offer a unique and flavorful fruit. The fruit has a sweet, tropical taste with flavors reminiscent of juicyfruit gum.

Ice Cream Banana (FIA variety): Details: Over 14 varieties of bananas are planted, including the Ice Cream Banana. Ice Cream Bananas are known for their creamy texture and sweet flavor, making them perfect for smoothies and desserts.

Apple Silk Fig: Details: Various fig varieties, including the Apple Silk Fig, are cultivated. Figs are prized for their rich, sweet taste and can be eaten fresh or dried.

Coconut: Details: Dwarf coconut trees are grown in a dedicated area. Coconuts provide refreshing water and creamy flesh, versatile for cooking and hydration.

Durian: Details: Over 40 durian trees, mostly the Musang King variety, but many other exotic rare varieties thrive on the land. Durian is known as the “king of fruits” for its unique taste and creamy texture.

Breadfruit: Details: Breadfruit trees yield versatile fruits that can be eaten raw or used in recipes.

Sappo Sapote: Details: This elongated yellow fruit offers a sweet, buttery flavor, also known as the Butterscotch Sapote. It is a rare delicacy appreciated for its unique taste and creamy texture.

Mulberry: Details: Mulberry trees bear sweet and juicy berries in various colors, including red and black. Mulberries are enjoyed fresh, dried, or used in jams and desserts.

Sugar Cane: Details: Red sugar cane varieties are grown for juicing, providing a sweet and refreshing beverage.

Tup (Jungle Olive): Details: A rare fruit from Malaysia, Tup, also known as jungle olive, offers a creamy and savory flavor. It is highly prized for its unique taste and culinary versatility.

Noni: Details: Noni trees produce small, cheezy, garlicky fruits best known for their medicinal properties. I love them, slicing them in curries and stews or eating them whole.

Dabai Fruit: Details: Dabai fruit, also known as the “Sibu olive,” is a small, dark purple to black fruit native to Sarawak, Malaysia. It has a rich, creamy flesh with a nutty flavor, often enjoyed fresh or pickled.

Chempedak: Details: Chempedak is a large tropical fruit related to jackfruit, prized for its sweet aroma and juicy, yellowish-green flesh. It has a sweet flavor similar to jackfruit but milder, often used in desserts or curries.

White Mango (Wani):Details: White Mango, or “Wani,” is a rare mango variety found in Malaysia and Indonesia. It boasts a creamy-white flesh with a sweet, floral flavor and a smooth texture. It’s a delicacy often enjoyed fresh or in desserts.

Surinam Cherries: Details: Surinam cherries, also called “Pitanga,” are small, glossy fruits with a sweet-tart flavor reminiscent of cherry and pineapple. They’re popular for fresh consumption, jams, or pickling.

Tarap: Details: Tarap, also known as “Terap” or “Marang,” is a tropical fruit with spiky green skin and custard-like flesh. It offers a sweet, aromatic flavor similar to bananas and pineapple, and it is commonly eaten fresh or used in desserts.

These diverse fruit trees contribute to a thriving ecosystem on Jakey’s land, providing an abundance of flavors, nutrients, and culinary possibilities.

Thank you so much, Brother Jacob, for hosting me at your beautiful center and for giving me this fantastic Rare Exotic Fruit Tour to share!

We can tell you have put your heart and soul into Diamond Heart; it is a real gem that will only shine brighter and brighter!

Learn more about retreats and volunteering and book your stay at diamondheartcr.com

Connect with Jake and Diamond Heart on Instagram Here

As Always

Wishing You Much

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