bellicon Unboxing The Best Rebounders!

Are you familiar with rebounding?

Did you know that NASA has called rebounding the world’s best exercise for humans, period?!

Today, I am excited to share this bellicon unboxing video with you!

Getting a bellicon rebounder has been a dream of mine for a long time; let me tell you a little story.

About 6 and a half seven years ago, I was with my good friend Brian Calvi, who’s huge into rebounders. We talked a lot about them and even filmed an entire video about rebounding. He had researched them for years; in the video, we went through the benefits, as well as the best brands and best models that money can buy. After a ton of research, he purchased both the Cellerciser and the bellicon; after using both, he continually expressed how he felt that the bellicon was the absolute best. At that time, I intended to reach out to to become an affiliate and buy one, but then before doing so, my computer broke down, and I completely lost the video. A little over a year later, I got in a motorcycle accident, and I got sidetracked by life, and it had been off my mind for a while. I will admit I wish I got back to it earlier cuz it’s so good for rehabilitation, but I finally remembered that, and I was like, you know what? I’m going to reach out to bellicon…

I am now proud to share that I am an official bellicon affiliate!

Heads up, I purchased this with my own money, so this isn’t a sponsored or paid endorsement, but rather me sharing something I LOVE and know can benefit Everyone!

I strongly believe in investing in things we really want that are good for our health and well-being. I have had 2 other rebounders over the last 20 years and wanted to have the best of the best. I also wanted to showcase and share the best, so I’m now a proud affiliate for bellicon and purchased my own because I believe in it 110%! Diving into exercise research for their astronauts, NASA has gone on board saying that rebounding is the absolute best exercise for human beings, period. It’s amazing, but 10 minutes of rebounding has the same benefits as 30 minutes of jogging but with less stress on the joints, and it’s way better for your heart and for lymphatic drainage and detoxification!

Besides this bellicon unboxing, I will make future videos about the benefits of rebounding and different rebounding routines. I’ll probably wear Spandex, bounce around to music, and do fancy moves for you, haha! It’s going to be so good that you’re going to not want to watch anything of mine ever again—just kidding!

I went for the Comfort mat, so what that means is it has an extra outside slightly cushioned edge that covers the bungee cord plastic clips and provides a bit more surface. This is their biggest model, which is 49 inches or 125 cm. They also have a 39-inch or 100-cm model and a 44-inch or 118-cm model, too. I wanted the biggest one possible so I could be bouncing around a whole bunch more, going on my back, and doing different exercises with it. You can get all different types of strengths and colors of bungees. You can make it all rainbow and stuff if you want. I went for these gray extra-strong bungees so that it’s more of an intense workout, and so they may last even longer. One of the huge benefits of the bungees is they are a lot more gentle on your joints and have a nice soft bounce. But, this is just the bellicon unboxing video so more about the benefits in another video!

Bellicon rebounders 2

I hope you enjoy the bellicon unboxing video and can see how much I love bouncing!

I can already honestly say that I really love bellicon; I highly recommend researching more and investing in getting a great rebounder like bellicon.

Check out bellicon here!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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