I want to express my heartfelt thanks to those that I have the pleasure of assisting in their personal journey toward optimal health. I see all interaction as a joyous exchange and feel truly blessed to be able to help others while they too help me grow in that capacity. The raw diet has been such a vortex of positive change in my life that I truly cannot imagine doing anything other than sharing its benefits by helping and guiding others through the pitfalls, misinformation, improved habits, and application of the low fat raw vegan lifestyle.

I remain and offer myself humbly… at your service


I learned more about how to eat from Chris Kendall in 45 minutes than from my previous fifty one years on the planet!  Piercing nutritional and lifestyle insights delivered with compassion and purpose.  If you’re thinking about hiring Chris for coaching, going on retreat, etc…stop thinking and DO IT!

– Glenn Livingston

Ph.D., Psychologist, Author of “Never Binge Again


I came to Chris with some complex issues.  I have a practitioner that is working me on a low-fat raw diet and  I came to Chris to get some extra support with cravings to help further bolster this healing process.  He immediately understood and had very sophisticated suggestions for me.  His suggestions were far broader than I have ever received before.  They were comprehensive and addressed the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in a seamless way.  I was very impressed by him and our conversation.  In our less than one hour conversation, I got what felt like a month’s worth of tidbits and wisdom.  I had such a sense of focus, optimism and serenity when I got off the phone with Chris.  It is something I will carry with me on my path of healing.  Thank you Chris for your wise perspective and profound depth of understanding of just what I needed during our call!

 – Nina, Houston, TX


I pay tribute to Chris Kendall for being the spark that ignited my now devoted and loving relationship with the raw food lifestyle. Chris came to visit me in Nelson BC in the early summer of 2009. What was intended to be a short and casual visit with an old friend soon turned into an inspiring and guided introduction on the healing and energizing benefits of raw foods. I was not anticipating this visit to be life changing, but Chris’s presence and energy was just so astounding that I wanted to absorb and learn everything I could from this high vibrational man! Chris worked with me over the period of five days in my home, preparing raw food delights from morning to night. This was my first introduction to being 100 % raw and have been following this path ever since (with some gentle learning curves along the way of course). He showed me how to prepare so many delicious and easy raw food meals that helped to make the transition so flawless and delectable for me. Having been so inspired with what Chris has shared with me, I now am on my own raw food journey preparing to take a Raw Food Chef Certification course in June 2010. Chris’s passion for raw food living has breathed so much life into my own personal quest for health and happiness. His passion continues to infiltrate not only my own life but also the lives of those around me because he has shown me the greatness that can come from sharing your passion with others. Chris has continued to provide me with so much enthusiasm, support, guidance, and knowledge as I myself continue to walk the path of raw food living. A source of great inspiration and gentle guidance, Chris Kendall has been a leader for me in my own raw food revolution and I extend eternal gratitude for the internal transformations he so gracefully and joyfully guided me through.

Bree Prosser


Having attended many raw food events all around the world I know for a fact that there are few Chefs that are as good as Chris Kendall. He delivers excellence every time and shares the joy of raw foods with enthusiasm and heart. The meals in his books give a new dimension to the raw vegan diet. Meals that can be shared with friends, family and other people who are skeptical of your new found lifestyle. If you are a seasoned raw foodist (no pun intended) I guarantee you will find at least 10 new ideas in this book (TRA Retreat Treats) to shake up your raw vegan meal times!

-Ronnie Smith, Creator of the UK Fruit Festival, Author


A little bit about my past.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in April 2006. I struggled for about a year after diagnosis. I changed my diet, rested, slept, and did anything I could to help better my situation. I payed attention to which foods worsened my symptoms and eliminated those foods from my diet. I managed to have all my symptoms come to an end and I was free of all meds except for a probiotic. This lasted for about 2 years. I then fell ill to a bad case of strep throat and needed to take antibiotics. Needless to say the antibiotics did well for the strep throat but reversed almost all of my progress of healing colitis, returning me back to the struggles of a flare up. I then researched the raw foods diet through “self healing crohn’s and colitis” a book by Dr. David Klein. I purchased the book and studied it. Most of the information was very helpful. I just didn’t really know how to implement this diet properly. That’s when Chris Kendall showed up in my life. Upon first meeting Chris I could tell he was a very positive influence to be around. After a very informative consultation I knew that raw foods was the way for me to be eating. After only about a week of eating raw with instruction from Chris, I was feeling more physical energy as well as mental energy. Eating raw changed my outlook on foods as well as my outlook on life. I began to feel a normal digestion again and my symptoms were vanishing quite quickly. I managed to reduce my dosage of prednisone and asacol very quickly and after about 6 month’s I was completely off of both prednisone and asacol. I definitely recommend for anyone struggling with Crohn’s or Colitis to get in contact with Chris. Even if you are unsure of making changes to your diet I would still contact Chris. He is a very positive influence in every aspect whether it be foods or life itself.

Thank you Chris for all you have done for me!


Danny Downing


TRA in your pocket. Fun, easy, tasty

Since incorporating more raw foods into my diet and transitioning into a healthier lifestyle, I’ve benefited from using Chris Kendall’s Free raw recipe app.
With its simple interface and large number and variety of tasty recipes, the app is definitely a steal. Most all recipes (especially out of 101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes) are quick and easy to prepare..and of course tasty. I’ve had the app for some months now and there are still far more recipes I have yet to try. I’m always flipping through them and looking forward to trying different ones out.
I like the fact that I always have the recipe books on me rather than needing a physical copy. Plus, a key advantage of this app compared to other e-book formats is the ability to search all recipes by ingredients if you know what you have available at home. Or if you want to make something but don’t have all ingredients, the shopping list feature works perfect.

Couple more pluses:
– Food combining chart for easy access at anytime. Very handy!

-Tons of different tips dispersed through each recipe..on combing, prep, or making a variation of a certain recipe.

– Slater JA


3 testimonials from my Raw Food n Yoga Retreats!

“The motivational level after this retreat is so incredible!! Seeing “real” people live this way with such joy and ease, really confirmed to me that the low-fat-raw-vegan lifestyle is the lifestyle I want for myself!! :)” – Elena

“For me the most amazing part was being surrounded by the people. I gained so much from the knowledge, experiences and ideas shared by each person on the retreat. There is such an amazing energy when you are surrounded by people who live their passions and live with love. To be around such people nourishes your soul and inspires your mind. Chris has so much to share with this world and I am so glad I was able to soak it all up for a week in the wonderful tropical sun! ” – Mike

“Chris’s retreat was my highlight of 2019. It was the perfect combination of beautiful nature, delicious and healthy food, connection, rest, fun, hikes, waterfalls, yoga and spiritual input. I loved it, thank you Chris and Kamilla” – Lisa-Maria


Rainbow Island was a great success!!! This came at a perfect time for me. I did this cleanse to work on my temptations and self restraint and I’ve always wanted to try banana island but didn’t think I could do it. Being able to go through the colors of the rainbow made it so much easier for me! I truly loved that we incorporated the chakras with this cleanse as well. This also helped ease me trough harder cravings and temptations, and helped me work on my emotions. I lost 11lbs this week and I feel amazing. So clear headed and my heart is so open!!!! Everyone around me has noticed a ‘difference’ and I was able to share my mono fruit experience with so many people! I am truly grateful for you, Ashley and Chris!!!  You guys RAWK! I hope that I can come to a retreat of yours someday!!!

Thank you again from the whole of my fruity heart!

– Mary


We are blessed and eternally grateful that our journey led us to Chris. Finally someone who could make sense of the whole raw food thing and make it simple. If we had found Chris 10 years ago we would have saved thousands of dollars. We bought the juicers, slicers, dicer’s, dehydrators, super foods, vitamins and supplements and everything else you can think of that was required to “go raw.” Meal preparation was time consuming, expensive, labor intense and sometimes didn’t even taste good! After all this my husband, Brian, and I were not able to maintain raw for long periods of time. It just did not fit in with our lifestyle.

Chris with his passion and experience has guided us on how to keep things simple and maintain the raw lifestyle. With Chris there is no mystery, confusion, contradictions or hard to follow regimens. Now it is simple! Chris reinforced that whatever we choose is o.k. There are no mistakes, just another step in the journey, be happy and live in the present moment. We can now say “ooh baby we like it raw!”

Thank you Chris and may God continue to bless and prosper you in all things.

In gratitude,

Aggie and Brian Thiesing

New Port Richey, Florida


As a man who really appreciates sauce, I guarantee you the Chris Kendall knows his Sauces. His sense of flavor, texture and imagination shine through all of his foods, but his sauces earn Chris the highest marks. Kudos to you, Chris & Ashley, thanks for Creating this great book (Naturally Rawsome Sauces)

Dr Douglas N. Graham

DOC, Speaker, Author of “The 80/10/10 diet


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