The 80/10/10 Diet


If I could recommend one book on health and nutrition this would easily be it.

Finally, a diet that makes sense, puts the advice of the world’s leading nutritionists into effect and tastes delicious all rolled into one. The 80/10/10 Diet makes eating a joy while helping you achieve optimum health and easy weight control. Say goodbye to fast food and hello to instantaneous food.

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Ohh Yeaaaa “The 80/10/10 Diet” By Dr Douglas Graham!

If you know what’s up you wont need read below but simply hit the Add to Cart button above!!! ahah No joke!

Wheh what can be said!

Truthfully I feel this is the absolute best book on human nutrition ever written Period.

After having read dozens if not hundreds of books on nutrition and optimal health, having went to school for nutrition, learning and applying various philosophies as well as coaching many people in their own health aims I truly feel if you were to own one book, this would be it!

A powerful statement, but one I stand behind.

Providing sound scientific information in alignment with other top nutritionists PHD’s and Researches such as, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. John McDougall, The China Study, Dr. Furhman, while bringing it forth in simple layman’s terms everyone can understand is something Dr Graham is truly blessed with.

Dr Graham impacted my life so strongly by providing the common sense and clarity I needed to make the raw diet not only possible but blissfully enjoyable. The 80/10/10 diet offers not only the most crystal clear outline of what our optimal diet is but also provides a foolproof roadmap on how to get there as well as Thrive in doing so. This is how the 80/10/10 diet differs from other programs, falling back to our speciece specific diet Dr Douglas Graham has really made it a joy to Thrive not just survive on the raw food diet.

With over 375 pages including amazing simple recipes as well as eye opening facts concerning not only nutrition but all of the other 32 hygienic and holistic lifestyle factors that constitute optimal health you are sure to be awestruck. If you or anyone you love are true health enthusiasts or are simply looking for a program that is in fact a lifestyle you can thirve on this is the one book you should buy!