Flowing and Growing as a RHN, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, Raw Food Chef and Yoga Teacher I happily offer the following Holistic Health and Fitness Consultation services:

♥ One On One Consultations

Groups, Workshops and Presentations

Live in Consultations

Inspired by the abundant vitality and joy I have grown in, largely thanks to those who have generously helped me on my holistic health journey, I feel empowered to offer my consultations in loving services on a by-donation basis as well as with more structured coaching packages. Moving with the concept of, donate what you want, when you want, my heart’s wish is to grow with anyone and everyone that is genuinely ready for a rawsome change regardless of their financial situation.

I feel truly honoured and blessed to be given the opportunity to provide the personalized caring support, enthusiasm, tools, and guidance to help others find streamlined success in going and staying raw!

“I learned more about how to eat from Chris Kendall in 45 minutes than from my previous fifty one years on the planet! Piercing nutritional and lifestyle insights delivered with compassion and purpose. If you’re thinking about hiring Chris for coaching, going on retreat, etc…stop thinking and DO IT!”

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“I believe it’s through sharing the gifts that we are blessed with that everyone has the opportunity and ability to grow in abundance, compassion, connection and love. When we make this simple conscious choice, again and again, we come to first rise our own vibration and from there radiate that abundant loving energy outward into the world.”


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I Have a Dream

The TRA Dream that is..

Aimed at creating Donation based Holistic Healing Centers around the world.

Thanks to your generous donations the TRA Dream (The Raw Advantage Dream) is now a Recognized 501(c)(3) Non Profit Charity incorporated in the State of Washington! Together we can bring this Dream to Life, providing a place for everyone to heal and grow in and with loving service, a simple raw food lifestyle, yoga, permaculture and holistic health, no matter their financial circumstances. + All TRA Dream Donations are fully Tax Deductible!

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