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How to Use Aloe Vera & Soothing Smoothie Recipe w/ Brian Calvi from Farm of Life Costa Rica

Simple Raw Vegan Recipe for Travel and Airports!

Banana Dongs Recipe – The Long Story

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How to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself!

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Sweet and Savoury Noodles | Raw Vegan Recipes

The Raw Fooders Winter Survival Guide

Raw Chocolate Recipe Featured in Refined Magazine!

Frickin Rawsome Pizza Book Launch!

Raw Retreat Costa Rica | Raw Food n Yoga Surf Adventure 2019

Raw Food and Spirituality – My Journey | Interview w/ Ali of Perception Trainers

Fruit as Medicine: Raw Vegan Candida Solutions on the Earthly Dish Radio Show with Jennifer Houst

Healing on a Raw Vegan Diet – 6 Weeks Update

What I eat in a day in the hospital | Raw Vegan

Easy Dolmas Recipe | Raw Vegan

Beyond Meat Burger Drama at A&W?!

Watermelon Gazpacho Recipe | Simple Raw Vegan Recipes

Discounts for Top Raw Food Festivals of 2018

Apple Strudel Recipe | Raw Vegan

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Challenge + Spicy Raw Recipe!

The Heart Centered Man Podcast, Interviews Chris Kendall

Raw Food Cleanse | Yoga and Mono Meals

How to Grow a Mango Tree from Seed Indoors

Win FREE Tickets and Airfare to Canada Fruit Festival!!

Chris Kendall Skateboarding 2016 to spring 2018

Where Do Vegans Get Protein?

3 Tips on How To Improve Your Health Drastically – With Liv Kissper

Unboxing Kitchen Tools – Electric Spiralizer by Thinkkitchen

3D Raw ASMR SPA Treatment: Facial Mask, Face Massage, Whispers

Mango Kale Coconut Bliss Curry w/ Liv Unbound!

The First Canada Fruit Festival – FREE Tickets!

Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet: Debunking 7 Misleading Statements

“We are all SO Different”… Or are we?

Raw Foods Raise your Vibration w/ Planetary Awareness

How Many Meals Should I Eat In a Day on a Raw Food Diet?

FYF Socks Surf Review | Free Your Feet

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Vending Machines in China!

The Best NO Fat Raw Vegan Salad Dressing Ever!

Day in the Life / What I Eat in a Day Bali

“Bali Spirulina” Behind the Scenes Farm Tour!

Exotic Fruits | Wani the White Mango of Bali

Durian Adventure to Luwus Bali

Best of 2017 | Top Videos Events and FUN

Top Tips for the Best Tropical Vacation | Xmas Special w/ ReallyMili

Xmas Fruit Album with TheRawAdvantage and ReallyMili

What I eat in a Day in Bali | Fruitarian Living


Interviewed by Talia The Magic Fruit and Arnold of Arnold’s Way!

Papaya Gazpacho | Simple Raw Vegan Recipes

Vlog | Sri Lanka Travel Vlog Epic Fruit and Surfing

Raw Vegan Shepherd’s Pie Recipe in Raw Food Magazine!

The Power of Raw Foods FREE Online Summit!

Raw Chocolate Recipe | Best Vegan Chocolate Ever!

Costa Rica Retreat | Raw Food n Yoga Surf Adventure 2018

Vlog | Bangkok Travel Vlog Epic Fruit and Skateboarding

Raw Restaurant Review | Rasayana in Bangkok

Borscht Recipe | The Best Raw Vegan Borscht

How to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

Best Smoothie Recipes | Fall Juiced Smoothie

Minimalist Footwear | My All Time Favourites!

Interviewed for “A Journey of Love”

Do You Eat Your Tomatoes The Wrong Way?

Chris Kendall RHN Live on CBC Radio

Raw Vegan Lemon Rice Soup Recipe

Marthas Best Papaya Curry | Naturally Rawsome Dressings

First Time Trying a Sensory Deprivation Tank at Float YXE

Hooked On People Interview + Simple Banana Pudding

Cancer Cure – A Raw Food Testimonial with Linda Maris

Raw Vegan | Buffalo Ranch Wings n Caesar Salad

Raw Vegan TV show Hype “Juice Bar”

Top 5 Best Papaya Recipes

My Favourite Wild Edible Greens!

My First DeepThroat Experience?! Not XXX…

Potato Salad | Raw and Vegan

Lone Star Tick | The Vegan Apocalypse

My Favourite Fruit Soup | Simple Raw Recipes

Behind the Scenes at the Denmark Fruit Festival!

Lemon Rice Soup | Raw & Vegan

What I eat in a Day / Day in the Life 13 year Raw Vegan + Skateboard Action!

Chris Kendall Interviewed on the International Raw Food Summit 2017

Watermelon Sorbet | Raw & Vegan

Featured on Raw Radio with Christine Ringer of RawBlessings.com

Raw Adventure in Croatia!

Cabbage Rolls | Raw Recipes

Vegan Lifestyle and the Importance of Community

B12 Deficiency – Is it a Joke?

Detox | Why Most Cleanses Fall Short

Raw Vegan BBQ at Raw Food Central

Shepherd’s Pie Recipe | Low Fat Raw Vegan Style

Rainbow Island Group Cleanse Spring 2017!

Jet Lag – How to Beat Jet Lag

International Raw Food Summit 2017 – Hosted by Dr’s Karin and Rick Dina

Do You Eat your Avocado’s the Wrong Way?!

Vegans are Rabid Plant Killers

On the Cover of Raw Food Magazine!

Barley Grass Juice Powder | The Best Green Powder?!

Raw Food, Coping Mechanisms & Angry Vegans

The Vomit Fruit / Noni Challenge, Disgusting or Delicious?!

Day in the Life in Pavones / What I eat in a day!

Food Combining and Fat

Chocolate Pudding Fruit?! The Amazing Black Sapote!

What I Eat in A Day / Day in the Life in Playa Grande Costa Rica!

Amazing Raw Food Farm Tour at The Farm of Life

Exotic Fruit | The Mangosteen Berry / Imbe Fruit

Raw Food Diet – Top Tips to make Raw veggies taste Cooked!

Sun Tanning in the Winter?

Confessions of a Raw Vegan of 12.5+ Years

Falafel Recipe | The Best Raw Vegan Falafel Balls

Holiday Season Produce Stash | 12.5 Year Raw Vegan

Vitamix Blender – Top 3 Tips!

Day In The Life | Winter Skate Road Trip n Super Sweet Treats!

The Raw Food Critic – Nosh Eatery and Tap

Tropical Fruit Taste Test, Best Freeze Dried and Fresh Tropical Fruit by Mail-order

Sweet n Savoury Fruit Soup + Black Friday Sale!

The Best Dates and Where to Get them!

Fruitluck NYC | Why Host Fruitlucks?

Skate and Surf Raw Adventure Retreat Costa Rica Jan 2017!

What I Eat in a Day – Woodstock Fruit Festival Edition

The Best Chili Recipe – Made for 600 at WFF 2016

The New Xero Shoes Hana – Win a Pair and get yours Today!

Thriving on a Unconventional Lifestyle

Kate Fruit Flowers Firing Line

Day in the Life, Raw Food n Yoga Surf Adventure in Costa Rica!

Bolognese – The Best Raw Vegan Bolognese Recipe!

Fake Tofu, FoFu?! WTF

Vegan World Summit 2016!

Choose how to React to Anxiety

Ackee, Cheese Fruit at WFF 2016

Woodstock Fruit Festival- Day 1

Mundekulla Raw Festival in Sweden 2016 – Banana Commander Vision!

Vegan Activist – Top Tips to Spread the Vegan Message to Friends and Family

Self Love with Alyse from Raw-Alignment.com

Thou Shall Not Combine Melons

Raw Food and Happiness on the Lyckobloggen Podcast!

The First Ever Raw Vegan Cruise in Croatia in Banana Commander Vision!

Raw in Croatia, Getting Ready for the First Raw Vegan Cruise

Raw Vegan Traveler, Motorcycle n Skateboard Road Trip Adventure!

What I Eat in A Day, Low Fat Raw Vegan of 12 Years

Skateboarding in Copenhagen and the Fresh Food Festival!

American Classics Raw Vegan BBQ Recipes!

Iced Mocha, a Simple Raw Food Recipe

Raw Food Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss 2016!

Hunger; What is Hunger?

Detox, Juice Cleanse, What is the Best Cleanse?!

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

The Ultimate Oral Hygiene Plan

Yoga for Dental Hygiene / Oral Hygiene

Cinnamon Buns, The Best Raw Cinnamon Bun Recipe Ever!

Take a Break

Parasite Cleanses, Breath work and more on the BioCharisma Podcast!

The Final Issue of Vibrance magazine!

Bravado Fashion Magazine interviews Chris Kendall

Raw Vegan Cruise Valentines Week Special

Have Diabetes? Change your Life for the Better I Guarantee it!

Skate Camp, First Ever Raw Food n Yoga Skateboard Camp!

Sciatica / Lower Back Pain Cure, McGill Big Three Level 2

Best of Chris Kendall Skateboarding 2014 – 2015

How to Be Perfect

Never Binge Again with Glenn Livingston Ph.D

The Way of the Fruitful Traveler, Raw Vegan Travel Tips

French Fries, The Best Raw Vegan French Fries Recipe!

Vegan Shoes review, Best Vegan Skate Shoes, Servant Footwear!

Support The Raw Advantage Dream with Amazon Smile

Raw Vegan Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows Recipe

Raw on the Road

Vaccine Dangers, Raw Food Saved Jesse Bogdanovich

Vegan Youtubers, are Raw Vegans Getting Enough Protein?

Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber at The Raw Advantage Retreat

Dr. Sam’s New Quick Fix Health Program

Diet and Depression, my personal story

The Practical Health Summit!

Sun Gazing aka Surya Yoga or Sun Yoga; Sharing a Ancient Practice

Nacho Noodle Salad!

Taco Shell Recipe, Raw Vegan Hard Shell Tacos!

Rewire Your Brain to Think Thin Training Series

How to Make Sauce Guide, Naturally Rawsome Sauces!

2016 Skate Camp Announced!

The Official Woodstock Fruit Festival Video 2015

Raw Vegan Pregnancy tips with Yulia from Rawsome Healthy!

Vegan Clothing, New PLSF Fall Line!

How Much Fat is Too Much Fat? With Tim Van Orden

Fat to Fit, Extreme Weight Loss -260 lb with Jared Monesmith

Best New Free Raw Food App for Android!

Whole Greens vs. Green Juices vs. Green Powders w/ John Kohler

Woodstock Fruit Festival 2015 day 1

Raw Food Restaurant Review, Chocolatree Sedona AZ

Zoria Detox of “Ask it Raw” interviews Chris Kendall

Top Tips for Emotional Eating with Prof. Rozalind Graham

Sweden Raw Food Festival at Mundekulla 2015

Frickin’ Rawsome Mango Cherry Pudding Recipe!

Candida Albicans, Yeast Infections? How to Cure yourself!

Satiation, why people are getting Fatter and Fatter!

The Best Deluxe Raw Pizza Recipe Ever!

Bouncing Off the Walls at Apex Trampoline Park

Simple Mango Noodle Salad

Raw Living Radio Show

Dr. SAM Natural Health Newsletter

Delicious and Filling Raw Pudding! 

Beware the Canistel Curse, a sweet fruit seduction!

Upcoming Raw Food Festivals & Events

Woodstock Fruit Festival Hawaii Part 2

Limited Edition PLSF Tank Tops

Woodstock Fruit Festival Hawaii Banana Commander Vision!

Have You Been Storing Your Bananas Wrong?!

Deluxe Low Fat Raw Vegan Burger Recipe!

Durian Island with Mads & Mikkel of Sweet Natural Living

Curing Cancer and Running Raw Around Australia with Janette and Alan

Top Three Airport Travel Tips for Healthy Eating

Spring into vibrancy with the Rainbow Island Cleanse

Ganesh is Fresh, Fruity Ganesh Tank Tops!

Have You Been Storing Your Pineapples Wrong!?

The Raw Food Traveler, Jimmy Gilker

Chippendales Crash the Rawhabilitation Retreat!

Cleanse Your Chakras with Raw Food

The Hardest Push Up? The Samson Push-Up!!

Ouch My Back!!! The McGill Big Three

Epic Smoothie Recipes, The Don Bennett Special!

Dan McDonald & Dr Robert Lockhart Top Reccomended Books

Dr Rick Dina on Fasting & Bloodtests at The Raw Living Expo!

Introducing The Rainbow Island Cleanse!

Rainbow Island Cleanse FAQ’s

How to Achieve Peak Fitness with Raw Foods

Raw Vegan Triathlete Ted Carr’s top tips for high level fitness!

Dan “The Life Regenerator” McDonald on Self Growth and Letting Go

Karen Ranzi on her “Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families”

Strong Man Workout, Fingles Fingers with Dr Doug Graham

Foraging for wild edibles in Prague With Tereza Buckova

Kendalini’s Quickie Yoga at The Raw Living Expo 2014

Dr Douglas Graham on Making Fitness Fun!

Banana Commander, Raw on the Road in Prague!

Naturally Ashley & the Banana Commander on CTV Morning Live News!

Dr Douglas Graham Interview on Raw Divides and Woodstock Fruit Festival

The Best Raw Food Recipe Apps

John Kohler on Whole Foods and The Woodstock Fruit Festival!

Chemtrails / Geoengineering, What we can do about it?

Megan Elizabeth’s Top Tips for a Natural Makeup Routine

Raw vegan Icecream Float!

Tim Van Orden 4 Time US Runner of the Year.. Raw Vegan!

The Raw Advantage “Better than Nori” Raw Vegan Sushi Sheets Recipe

The Raw Advantage Patented Secret Best Raw Pizza Crust Recipe

Better than Nori Sushi Wraps

Miss Naturally Ashley Interview on Fruit Powered Digest!! 🙂

Slovenia Fruits & Health Festival 2014, Yoga Teacher / Speaker!

Wild Edibles: The Dirt on the Highest Sodium and Omega 3 Plant!

Interview with Raini Pachanko

Tarah Millen’s Top Tips to Stay Raw and Warm in the Winter

Talk & Food Demo with Steve Factor at Whole Foods

Cinnamon Heart Delight & “Love” the Master Link to Health!

Does Going Vegan Improve Your Inner Game?

Raw Vegan Transformation with Wynter Griffing

Batman Loves Mangos

Eastern Persimmon Tang’

Don Bennett’s #1 Tip for Succeeding on a Raw Food Lifestyle

Enjoy a Getaway, TRA Costa Rica Raw Food n Yoga Adventure Retreat

Chris Kendall on CTV News Live, Plus Behind the Scenes Fun

Mike Vlasaty Shares his Top 3 Tips For Gaining Muscle Mass

John Kohlers Top Tips For Growing your Own Greens

Tino Bananiac Interviews Chris Kendall On His Transition to a Raw Food Diet

The Best Simple No Fat Raw Pizza Recipe!!

Happy World Vegan Day!

TRA’s Best Fall Raw Recipe.. Persimmon Mulberry “Oatmeal”

Chris Kendall on The Vegan Truth Live on FreedomizerRadio.com

“Mr Fruitastic” Live Parody Remix of Mr Boombastic by Shaggy

Teresa Palmer Interviews Chris Kendall on YourZenLife.com

25 Year Raw Vegan Dr Robert Lockhart’s Shares Tips for Anti Aging!

Woodstock Fruit Festival – Photo Essay and CNN Interview with Michael Arnstein

The Raw Advantage Iphone App is Here!!!

Emotional Eating, Binge Eating and Finding Peace and Ease

Sag Veganeer Raw East Indian Recipe, TRA Retreat Treats Book Release!

TRA interviews Curtis Griffing of Raw Food Central, Plus a Recipe!

TRA to Raw Food Central, Raw Vegan Since Birth!

Best of Chris Kendall Skateboarding 2, RAW Footage 🙂

Bone Growth and Natural Healing with Raw Food

Hot Tips for Eating Out Raw, Plus a Recipe.. In the Restaurant!

TRA Dream – Be a CoCreator

Unlimited Free Local Organic Wheat Grass / Green Juice!