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Bulbs’ Infrared Output Verified by Independent Laboratory, Emits Energy from 400nm – 1000nm

Options to Fit 120 V Standard US Socket and 240V for Use in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and other countries with 220-240V electrical systems

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TheraBulb® products are designed for in-home use by consumers seeking Redlight, NIR healing wavelength energy. TheraBulb bulbs are manufactured exclusively using non-toxic materials, allowing them to bear the CE mark and the RoHS certification. This means they are free of lead, mercury, Teflon, and other substances regulated under the EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.

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Therabulb NIR Lights

TheraBulb has subjected its bulbs to independent laboratory testing. These tests verify the following:

The percentage of total energy emitted at each wavelength

The amount of energy available at a given distance from the bulb

Maximum operating temperature

TheraBulb incandescent bulbs emit virtually no EMF by design.

When submitted to an independent lab for testing, the lab provided the following result: “Due to the fact that these are incandescent bulbs (sic), the EMF values are extremely low and at or below the resolution of the measurement equipment.”

Incandescent or LED: Why Not Both?

TheraBulb offers two different types of bulbs: incandescent and LED. They sell both bulbs because each one offers some features that the other does not. This not only makes them alternatives for each other but also complementary.

Therabulb LED and Incandescent bulbs

TheraBulb Incandescent Bulbs

TheraBulb offers six zero-EMF incandescent infrared bulbs. Three of these are designed for use in countries with 110V-120V electrical systems, most of which are located in North and Central America. These include the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Japan also has 110V electrical systems. Our 120V bulbs are available in 150W, 250W, and 300W sizes.  We also offer two incandescent bulbs designed for use in countries with 220V-240V electrical systems, a 150W, 250W, and 300W bulb.  220V – 240V electrical systems are used in most of the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and South America. If you are located outside of the United States, you can make a purchase for overseas delivery from TheraBulb’s eBay store. TheraBulb participates in eBay’s Global Shipping program, enabling us to ship to 100+ countries worldwide.

TheraBulb Universal Voltage LED Bulbs

TheraBulb also offers a 5W universal voltage LED bulb that can be used worldwide.

Differences Between Incandescent and LED Bulbs

Incandescent and LED bulbs differ in several ways.

Incandescent vs. LED Technology

The fundamental difference between incandescent bulbs is how they operate. Incandescent bulbs use the same technology that Thomas Edison patented in 1888. Inside each bulb is a wire filament through which electricity flows. This causes the filament to become so hot that it glows. This process produces the visible light, infrared energy, and heat that TheraBulbs emit. The image below shows the inside of an incandescent TheraBulb.

infographic showing components of TheraBulb zero EMF incandescent infrared bulb

LED produces visible light and near-infrared energy as a result of electrical current passing through a microchip, which causes the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to be energized. Unlike incandescent bulbs, in which a glowing filament produces visible light and near infrared energy in a range of wavelengths, LED bulbs can be programmed to emit wavelengths in precise ranges.  In the case of TheraBulb’s LED bulbs, these ranges are:

Visible Light 600nm – 675nm

Near Infrared 800nm – 850nm

Incandescent vs. LED Performance

Because how visible light and near-infrared energy are produced by an LED bulb relies on electronics, LED bulbs can deliver the same irradiance levels as incandescent bulbs but with far less energy consumption. For example, TheraBulb’s 5W LED and 250W incandescent bulb have identical irradiance levels (0.11 mW/cm2 at .33M and .01 mW/cm2 at 1M).

Additionally, LED bulbs do not produce significant amounts of heat and get just slightly warm. In contrast, incandescent bulbs get very hot (512°F – 589°F).

Using Incandescent and LED Bulbs Together

These differences in performance allow users to create a “best of both worlds” sauna array. You can increase the red light and near-infrared energy output without significantly increasing the heat produced or power consumed. Adding an LED bulb to a sauna array adds the same amount of red light and near-infrared energy as a 250W incandescent bulb while increasing the power consumption by a mere 2%.

The ability to increase red light and infrared output without significantly increasing power consumption is important because you’re limited by the capacity of your home’s electrical system, which is 15 amps per circuit in most homes. 15 amps allows you to draw 1800 watts of power from one circuit simultaneously. A home typically has multiple circuits, each of which is comprised of as many as 25 outlets. Circuits generally cover multiple rooms in your home. This means that while the circuit offers 1800 watts of power, it is unlikely that all 1800 watts will be available to operate your TheraBulbs.


Incandescent and LED bulbs can be used together in a sauna array, but because incandescent bulbs get very hot and LED bulbs have plastic housing, you will want to keep them at least .33M (~12 inches) apart.  This will prevent heat damage to the LED bulbs.

LED bulbs are not recommended in saunas that reach temperatures above 150°F.

Learn More and Save

If you have questions that we didn’t answer here, feel free to contact Therabulb at When you’re ready to purchase your bulbs, take advantage of my exclusive TRA discount, which gives you 15% off when you purchase four or more bulbs—mixing and matching sizes is welcome. Simply enter the word RAWADVANTAGE15 at checkout.

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