Cool Raw Power Stickers


Super Sweet

“Don’t Have a Cow, GO BANANA’S”

“100% Raw Vegan Power” Banana

Raw Vegan Power Banana


Peace Love and Seasonal Fruit Stickers

Smack em on your Water bottle, Bike, Skateboard, Car, Mailbox, Face, Near and In health food stores/Gyms, and anywhere else you can!!

raw vegan stickers

Who Doesn’t Love love love Stickers?

Only silly people methinks! I gotta say I Love them!

Being a skateboarder I was once sticker obsessed, this led me to the realization that I needed to make the best stickers Ever!!!!

So Stoked to unveil My Two NEW Peace Love n Seasonal Fruit Sticker as well as the Updated Raw Vegan Power Sticker!
New Vegan / Vegetarian / Raw Vegan Stickers!!!

Vegan stickers

raw vegan stickers

The Orignail 100% RVP & DHAC

Grab 12 of any combination of them with any other purchase for 5 bucks

You can choose 3, 4 or 6 of your choice, or 12 of your favorite.

Each of the round stickers are 4 by 4 inches and the new PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit sticker is 3 1/2” by 1 1/4” Perfect for a Smart phone!

peace love n seasonal fruit-smart-phone-stickerStick em on your car, your parents car, your skateboard, your house, your mailbox, windows, snowboards, bikes, ski’s, tennis rackets, jet ski’s, boats, coats, shirts, cats, dogs, frogs, ice skates, signs, busses, trains, phone booths well anywhere and everywhere you feel the simple sweet raw vibes could n should be spread!!!

Love it, share it, spread the sweet flow!!

Weight0.03125 lbs

10 100% RVP, 10 DHAC, 12 100% RVP, 12 DHAC, 12 PLSF, 12 RVP, 3 of Each (12 Total), 4 of 3 Designs (Indicate selection in comments), 6 of 2 Designs (indicate selection in comments), Half & Half