My Experience with Efudix Skin Cancer Cream

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Sharing my experience with efudix and why I haven’t been showing my face on social media, especially my Instagram stories, as much recently…

You may have noticed that I’m not filming my face and talking as much. That’s because I’m just starting a treatment called Efudix, and by the time you see this, I’ll be all the way through. This video will cover all of my experience with Efudix.

Efudix is a prescription cream primarily used for treating skin cancer. I want to clarify that I’m not a doctor, and I’m not recommending this treatment. Previously, I had a basal cell carcinoma that required surgery to remove, along with some actinic keratoses. If you wish to watch my video on that subject, going much deeper than I do here, check it out Here.

Basal cell carcinoma and the dangers of sunburn

In the last year, I noticed some new patches appearing, which were also identified as potentially precancerous. Following recommendations from trusted friends and healthcare professionals, including Dr. Graham, I decided to try out Efudix.

Using Efudix isn’t exactly pleasant, which is why you haven’t seen much of my face lately. However, I want to stress that I firmly believe in the health benefits of conscious sun exposure without burning, as long as it’s done responsibly. I’ve had my share of severe sunburns in the past due to not taking proper precautions, leading to significant sun damage over time.

During the treatment, I apply the cream twice a day to my face and the backs of my hands, which have been particularly affected due to sun exposure while surfing without sunscreen. Avoiding sun exposure while using Efudix is crucial, as it can make your skin more sensitive.

my experience with efudix

The treatment typically lasts anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. As I film this video, I’m currently three days in, and I’ll document the entire process so you can follow along. I almost didn’t make this video, but I believe sharing my journey openly and honestly is essential.

10 days

As the treatment progresses, the skin may become red, sore, tight, and dry. This is because Efudix works by inhibiting the replication of fast-growing cancer or precancerous cells while allowing normal skin cells to reproduce at a slower rate. Eventually, the affected areas will scab over and shed, signaling the end of the treatment.

16 days

Despite the discomfort, Efudix has a high success rate in treating precancerous and cancerous lesions. By undergoing this treatment now, I hope to prevent future surgeries or more invasive procedures. After three weeks of using Efudix, I’ve experienced significant discomfort, including redness, scabbing, and soreness. However, I’m beginning to see improvements, with problem areas disappearing and overall skin health improving.

21 days

Ten days after completing the treatment, the worst of the side effects have subsided, and my skin is starting to return to normal. While there is still some redness and irritation, I’m optimistic about the long-term results.

Now, 46 days post-treatment, I’m pleased with the outcome despite the very challenging process. While some redness persists, the affected areas have improved significantly. It’s essential to remember that a well-planned raw food diet can vastly support skin health and make it more resilient to sunburn, but responsible sun exposure practices are still crucial.

In conclusion, my experience with Efudix has been a real trial, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to address potential skin issues preventatively. I really hope this brings some extra experience and insight around sun exposure, and if you need to use it yourself, that my experience with Efudix helps prepare you for what is to come. Moving forward, I’ll continue to share my experiences and insights on all manner of topics, controversial and not, to help others make informed decisions about their health.

I feel blessed to have you following along on this journey. Let me know if there are any topics you wish me to make a video about in the future!

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