Long overdue I have the pleasure of sharing Lissa from Lissa’s Raw Food Romance and her powerful story of transformation and inspiration. Learn how Lissa lost 70 + lbs in a truly healthful manner without restriction or strict calorie counting!

Lissa has so much to share, I hope you enjoy the interview and check out all she has to offer!


In today’s video with Lissa, we go into her top 3 major tips for healthful weight loss without restriction. After 10 years of trial and error, high fat, keto, yo yo dieting and self sabotage Lissa found her balance and got incredible results loosing over 70 pounds in 14 months and keeping it off for over 5 years. I am more than sure this interview and exchange on extreme weight loss without restriction can not only help you to lose weight in a more healthful way, but also learn how to love and respect yourself more throughout the process.

Lissa’s Top Tip # 1 – Take it One Day at a Time

Lissa’s Top Tip # 2 – Watch Your Self Talk

Lissa’s Top Tip # 3 – Try on a New Belief System!


Be sure to watch the video to go much deeper into these three top tips as well as many more!

Check out these amazing pictures showing Lissa’s transformation!


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I really hope you enjoy the video with Lissa from Lissa’s Raw Food Romance, where we go deep into her story of transformation and share how to lose weight and even have extreme weight loss without restriction. If you want to dive deeper into this subject be sure to check out all of Lissa’s books here and request a consultation with her or learn more about my consultation services here.

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