For the Love of Tacos and Raw Living with Kevin Black @rawfoodiestyle

Dive into “For the Love of Tacos” and Raw Living with Kevin Black aka @rawfoodiestyle,

as we go into Kevin’s health journey with the raw vegan lifestyle

Kindred spirits, we have a shared history of alcohol abuse and major shifts that led us to choose health and a deeper connection to self.

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Below is a short AI synopsis of some of the information we covered in the interview. I recommend watching the whole video for much more fun and in-depth information.

In a lively exchange, Kevin and Chris discuss Kevin’s journey into the world of raw foods and his deep-seated love for tacos. Chris can’t help but marvel at Kevin’s talent for crafting raw versions of classic dishes and expresses sheer excitement for Kevin’s inclusion in the ultimate raw vegan bundle.

Kevin spills the beans about his culinary adventures, recounting the struggle to find the perfect tortilla recipe until the light bulb moment struck, birthing his brainchild, “For the Love of Tacos.” Despite his professional culinary background, Chris confesses to being a tad lazy in the kitchen lately. Still, he’s itching to roll up his sleeves and dive into Kevin’s tantalizing tortilla creations.

Kevin opens up about his journey to raw foods, revealing that it was sparked by a desire to reclaim his health after years of battling alcohol abuse. Inspired by luminaries like Don Tolman and Marcus Rothkrantz, Kevin wholeheartedly embraced a low-fat raw food lifestyle, leading to transformative changes in his well-being.

As the conversation unfolds, Chris and Kevin bond over their shared affinity for raw foods and their unyielding love for nostalgic favorites reimagined in a healthier light. Kevin’s passion for tacos shines through as he reminisces about his days spent frequenting his local taco joint before embarking on his raw food journey.

Despite the challenges, Kevin’s enthusiasm for raw foods remains unwavering, and Chris eagerly anticipates getting his hands on Kevin’s mouthwatering recipes. The banter between the two ends with mutual admiration and a shared commitment to spreading the joys of a raw vegan lifestyle far and wide.

A bit about Kevin’s new amazing Book

Kevin 1

For the Love of Tacos is dedicated to anyone who’s been looking to discover a low-fat yet “full of flavor” approach to the art of creating raw vegan tacos

Enjoy five soft and pliable tortilla recipes + tips

Ten raw vegan “meat” alternatives

Loads of flavor that even non-vegans will enjoy

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