Delivering a Super De Duper Ho Ho Ho Xmas Nog!!!

Give it A Whir!!!

This is my new Mission Statement, “Give it a Whir!!”

Ho ho ho Xmas Nog!! It ain’t no joke, Slap it on your face for this Happy merry Xmas!!

Its that time of the year and I wanted to offer you a vegan egg nog recipe that knocks your socks, or stockings, off this christmas, seriously I think its the best vegan nog in existence!

Just Give it a Whir!!!!

Hope you enjoy the Video! 🙂 Weeee

Oh n you want the recipe here too! ?:) Ok

But only if you Give it a Whir!!!!

Raw Vegan Xmas Nog! 

7 Ripe Banana’s

1/2 – 1 Cup frozen Durian

    Pure Water

Shake of Cinnamon

Shake of Nutmeg

Optional: Young Coconut water to replace water 🙂

Peel Banana’s and place in the blender. Add Frozen Durian, make sure there is no seeds in there. Add A shake of both Nutmeg and Cinnomin . Add water or Young coconut Water and Blend well to desired thickness. Pour into a Mug and Add a small shake of cinnamon to the top, Enjoy!!!

N Ho Ho Ho Raw Vegan Nog!

Wishing you a Merry merry Xmas n Sweet Holiday!! 🙂

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Wishing you the sweetest, warmest, most love filled holiday season ever!

With Much

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