What was once a super secret recipe only shared at my Raw Food n Yoga Surf Adventure retreats is now ready for you to enjoy!

Learn how to make the best raw Cinnamon Buns while being wildly entertained by Jake, I must say that they taste and feel like the real deal!

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Now before you start I must let you know that you will want a strong blender such as the vitamix blender (grab one here if you don’t have one, I promise it’s worth the investment)

As well as a dehydrator with teflex sheets (I recommend the Excalibur, grab yours with free shipping here)

Next you want to get semi ripe – ripe plantains…

Plantains are bigger more dense high calorie bananas that require more fine tuned ripening in order to be tasty. You essentially want to ripen them until fully black and squishy, if you want really sweet buns, or mostly black and soft if you want slightly more starchy buns. The reason we are using plantains is because they are a thick dense banana that will make the “batter” thicker, thus allow for thicker fluffier cinnamon buns. If you can not find plantains burro bananas, quadradas, ice cream bananas or even red bananas can work. If you can not find any of these double or triple the amount of chia, use regular bananas and let the “batter” sit for 10 minutes to thicken before pouring on the teflex sheet.

Check out my whole blog post on plantains and persimmons for more info on plantains and ripening. 

To the recipe!

The Best Raw Vegan Cinnamon Buns

(makes 9-12)

7-12 ripe / semi ripe plantains (enough to make 1.9 liters)

.9 lb dates 

1/4 cup chia seeds

3/4 cups raisins

2 young coconuts (with jelly)

1-3 tbsp cinnamon

** If you want to have these treats at lunch you are going to want to start the recipe the day before, between 7 – 9pm.

Slice 3 of the plantains into the vitamix and add the chia, blend using the tamper till smooth. Slice up the rest of the plantains until the blender is full and then add a bit of cinnamon, blend until smooth. You will want to be aggressive with the tamper to make it easier on the blender, this is a thick batter! Let the mixture sit for 3-5 minutes in order for it to thicken slightly. Pour the “batter” on a teflex lined dehydrator sheet and use a flat edged knife to form it into a large thick rectangle / square.

You want to try to make this batter about 1/3-1/2 a inch thick, once the batter is even an spread across the sheet place it in the dehydrator at 115 – 119 over night. 

After you put the sheet in the dehydrator place the raisins in a bow, open one coconut and pour the coconut water over the raisins. Place the soaking raisins in a covered dish in the  fridge.

In the morning (7 – 9 am) take the tray out of the dehydrator and place another Excalibur tray on top of the “pancake” with the mesh side facing down. Quickly and carefully flip the trays so you can remove the bottom tray (now the top) and carefully peel the teflex sheet off of the partially dried batter.

It should be sightly moist but just tacky to the touch rather than wet. Using a sharp knife carefully cut the rectangle into 9-12 strips and slightly separate them on the tray to allow air between them.

Place back in the dehydrator for 1-3 hours. 

While the strips are in the dehydrator scoop all of the coconut jelly from the coconuts and blend with 1/2 of the coconut / raisin water, 1/6th of the raisins and 4-6 dates. Blend till smooth adding dates to desired sweetness. **Remember the rolls and date pate will be very sweet so the “icing” doesn’t need to be crazy sweet.

Scoop the icing into a bowl leaving a tiny bit in the blender. Add the dates (be sure to pit) and the rest of the coconut / raisin water into the “dirty” blender, blend till smooth adding cinnamon to taste. Place in a bowl.

Once the strips are dried to desired firmness (1 – 3 hours) take the plantain batter strips out of the dehydrator and spoon the date mixture evenly onto each strip.

Add the raisins on top of the date paste placing a bunch of raisins in a cluster at one end to create the center of the rolls. Slowly and carefully roll up each strip with the cluster of raisins in the middle.

Place the rolled buns on the dehydrator trays leaving the “tail” end facing towards / just touching the next roll to keep them together for drying. If you have extra date paste you can spoon the rest on top of the buns and then dehydrate for 1 -3 hours 🙂

When you just can not wait a second longer take those warm cinnamon buns out of the dehydrator and scoop the “icing” on top!

Ready to serve, enjoy whole heartedly!!

A special note, with a 9 tray Excalibur you can easily make multiple batches of these and keep them in the fridge for a few days, have a cinnamon bun party or freeze them for a few months!! 🙂

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