I have tasted a ton of raw chocolates in my time and can honestly say this is my favourite raw vegan chocolate recipe out there and as a bonus its super easy to make!

I hope you Love them as much as I do!

Raw chocolate recipes are literally a dime a dozen, some are really fancy and exotic, others really simple. This raw chocolate recipe uses very few ingredients but what makes it the most unique and delicious raw vegan chocolate recipe ever is whats encased in the chocolate. I’ve told many chocolatiers this secret recipe in the hopes that someone would share it with the world but hey, sometimes you just got to do it yourself.

PS if you commercialize this recipe I only ask for 10% of the profits… 😉

This all said raw chocolate or Cacao is a ingredient of hot debate within the raw food world. Some say its a true health food or super food, others that its poisonous (due to the theobromine), while others say that its medicinal. For years I avoided raw chocolate completely in favour for raw carob powder, a healthier substitute.

While I still do choose carob more often that Cacao I have come to see

1. What you do most often has the most pronounced effects

2. It’s important to know what works for you / what you are sensitive to

3. To be at peace with your desired choices and to grow through them

Some people react poorly to raw chocolate and choose to stay away, others like myself, have a very mild to imperceptible pleasant reaction to it. To thine own self be true.

Never feed it to a cat or dog btw it is poisonous for them.

Needless to say I am not promoting raw chocolate as the optimal food nor even a “super food”. To me the true superfoods are those that can be eaten as a meal with no negative side effects… Whole fruits and tender leafy green vegetables.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat a whole meal of raw chocolate, I tried years ago and it was a terrible experience with gut ache, headache, cramps and depressive feelings. This said I do love me some chocolate from time to time and couldn’t help but share this recipe!

To the Raw Vegan Chocolate Recipe!!

This recipe is based off of my old favourite chocolates “Turtles” or, if your from Hawaii “Caramacs”.

The Best Raw Chocolates

(makes 70 chocolates)

1 cup grated / shredded Raw Cacao butter (100 g – .22 lb)

3/4 cup raw Cacao powder (75 g – .17 lb)

70 Dates (*Barhi, Khadrawy and Halawi dates are my fave)

105 raw pecans

Start by grating or finely shaving some raw cacao butter until you have one full cup. Next take the date of your choice and pit it tearing the date in half from the top down leaving the two halves still attached. Take 1.5 pecans and place them inside of the torn open date, press the date back together so that the nut is encased in the middle. Act like the hulk and squish it fairly flat between the palms of your hands or on the counter top.

Thats one, repeat the process until all the dates and pecans are gone. (watch the video above  for more clarity on this process)

Take a medium sized pot and fill it 2/3 – 3/4 with water. Find another metal or glass pot that can fit right on top of the first pot effectively creating a double broiler. Warm the water on a stove to just below boiling, place the smaller pot on top of the water and add the 1 cup grated cacao butter. It will start to melt, stir it occasionally and watch that the water does not come to a boil. Once it is fully melted add 3/4 cup of cacao powder to the mix and stir it up until you have a smooth chocolate sauce.

Alternatively you can place the cacao butter in a glass dish and put in the dehydrator at 115 until it is fully melted. Cacao butter has a melting point just above room temperature.

I prefer my chocolate without any sweeter as to me these are sweet enough with the date. If you wish a sweetener you can add 1 – 3 tbs of your favourite and stir it in. Some people swear by Maple syrup which isn’t raw but is a good choice if that isn’t a big deal to you, others swear by raw agave or coconut sugar. There is a debate over the best sweeter, again I prefer none and feel this recipe stands out more and is simpler without any.

Let sit 3-5 minutes off the stove and out of the water to cool. While cooling line two cookie sheets with parchment paper and set aside.

Once slightly cooled to thicken just a bit place the flattened date / nut rounds into the raw chocolate, make sure to coat it evenly. Give the chocolate a small shake to get excess off and place the chocolate coated date / nut onto the cookie sheet. Repeat until all of the chocolate or date / nut bites are used up. I find this recipe works pretty perfectly to use both up at once.

If there is any extra or either get creative with a lover…

If your in a rush to eat place the coated chocolates into the freezer to cool quickly for 3-5 minutes, otherwise place them in the fridge for 10 -15 minutes. Once the chocolate is solid they are ready to serve!!

Chewy, sweet and satisfying, I really hope you love them, perfect to share on valentines day or any day of the week!

* You can use any type of dates that you want but it is best if they are a little soft. If the dates come pre pitted this usually means that they have been steamed, aim to get dates with pits and pit them yourself for the best quality. This recipe uses mid sized dates, if you use big medjules you may find you can only make 45-55 chocolates.

See my post above about the best dates on mail order to get some of my all time favourites Barhi, Khadrawy and halawi.

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Wishing you the sweetest, warmest, most love filled holiday season ever!

Let me know what you think of this recipe and as always

Enjoy Much